14 Seater Bus For Hire

14 seater bus van hire

14 Seater Bus for Hire.

Are you looking online for a reliable tour company where you can get a nice 14 seater bus for hire in Kenya? Well, look no further since you’ve just landed at the right place, at the right time. Simply pick up your phone and hit our dials; 0712004003/ 0754004003 / 0743142615. And, we will be happy to help!

There might be occasions when the standard 5 or 7 seaters in a vehicle are sufficiently not. In these examples, you may have to take a gander at renting a 14-seater bus for Hire in Kenya, a minibus, or a multi-reason vehicle (MPV), additionally alluded to as a minivan (US) or individual transporter.


18 Seater Bus for hire Kenya.

private van hire
private van hire

While a typical sight on the streets nowadays, the MPV didn’t hit our streets till the mid-eighties, even though it honestly had its prime during the nineties. When models some models became commonly recognized names and more prominent families hopped for bliss at having the option to go in one vehicle effectively. Perhaps these are the best 14 seater bus for Hire in Kenya.

That is because, before the Espace hit the creation line in 1984, the possibility of seven individuals going in solace together in a similar vehicle, each with their seat, was unheard of. There was never an uncertainty the Nissan, alongside its Japanese, equal the Toyota Caravan (the minivan as alluded to across the Pacific would be a thundering achievement, and these made ready for the flourishing MPV market.

10 Seater Car hire Nairobi.

14 seater van for hire nairobi
!4 seats private van hire

These days there are numerous assortments of MPV accessible and loads of various sizes, makes, and models around. These vehicles range from little or conservative MPVs to enormous MPVs up to minibusses of 12 seats or more. If you’re considering hiring a 14 seater van for Hire Nairobi Kenya, a minibus, or MPV for any event, at that point, here’s some data that may help you settle on a choice regarding which vehicle may suit your necessities best.


16 Seater Matatu vehicles for hire in Nairobi.

In Kenya, Public service vehicles are popularly known as Matatus. They were introduced to carry 14 passengers by one Minister of Transport, Honourable John Michuki. Before then, they would carry about 21 people at once. Nowadays, they carry a maximum of 14 passengers and they are fitted with safety belts per seat.

11 Seater for hire in Kenya.

Equally, Bamm Tours offers the best private 14-seater buses and vans for hire at an affordable rate. The vans are usually luxurious and modern ones with reclining seats to ensure your total comfort. As a matter of fact, we have 11 seater vans for hire available in not only in Nairobi, but also in Mombasa city.

25 Seater Buses for hire Kenya.

Whenever a group of travelers exceeds 14 passengers, the next available vehicle for hire, is 25 seater buses for hire in Kenya. Our Company also stocks these to cater for this need. take a look here at our different types of buses. We have a 22-seater bus, 33 seater Isuzu bus, 44 seaters, and finally 50 seater bus.

Cost of Hiring a bus for a day.

best vans for hire Nairobi
best vans for hire Nairobi

The cost of hiring buses and vans varies on a number of things. one, the number of days of travel. Two, Distance (location) the further the distance from Nairobi, the more you get charged.


Tour Van hire Nairobi.

We ought to have said that our 14 seater buses and vans for hire do not do a good game drive, but our Tour vans for hire do. In this category, we have two types of Tour Vans. First is the Toyota Hiace, Secondly is the Toyota Land Cruiser for Hire. Check them out to know which one you would most likely hire from us.

Toyota Hiace for hire in Kenya.

Whenever you speak about transportation in Kenya, You have to talk about a Toyota! Simply saying, That if you need to hire a 14 seater buses and vans you hire a Toyota Hiace.


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