Expat Car Hires in Kenya.


Occasionally, expatriates keep on being posted here in Kenya for special work assignments. Just as same as other staff, they need both reliable and convenient mode of transport that ensures they report to their work stations right on time. Additionally, the hosting organization needs a cost-effective and affordable means of transport for the said expat. Whenever that happens, Bamm Tours comes in handy for such needs.

So, whenever your organization is looking for cars for hire for their expatriates, look no further than at Bamm Tours.

Of course, we have various types of vehicles for hire such as; Salon cars for hire, Mini SUVs, 7 seater vans for hire, full size 4×4 car hires such as Toyota Prados, and Toyota V8 for hire, among others.


One of the major reasons that a company would opt to lease a car for their expatriate teams is the cost-effective nature as opposed to the actual buying of a vehicle. This makes sense if the expatriate work period is short. Therefore, the organization would hire a vehicle from us and return upon the completion of the expats’ assignment.


Car Hire With a Driver.

In many instances, hiring companies may mostly opt to hire both the car and the driver. Obviously, this is because the expat in question may not want to undergo the trouble of driving a car in a foreign country. In urban centers such as Nairobi, general driving on the streets and the highways is considered dangerous. Therefore, it makes more sense to hire a car with a driver to ensure that the expats concentrate on their duties all the time.


Long-term Car Hire.

We always refer to expatriates’ car hire as long-term car hire or Monthly car hire. This is because of the nature of the contract. Since most of the car hires are normally short-term, that is, between 2 days minimum to 3 weeks. However, the expat car hire is the opposite, in that, the companies will hire the vehicles for more than a Month. In fact, they make the payments on a monthly basis and upfront.


Self-drive cars for hire in Kenya.

Sometimes, the expats may not have a problem driving on our Kenyan roads. So, they would opt to just hire a car and have the expat drive themselves. Bamm Tours listens to their needs and we cater to such. Whether you need an expat car hire as a self-drive or with a chauffeur, we will get it for you!


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