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Car hire with a driver in Nakuru.

Car hire with a driver NakuruOf course, when renting a Land Cruiser for hire in Nakuru, you will get it with a professional tour guide. In other words, you can’t hire a safari Land cruiser to drive yourself. Actually, one of the best ways to do a tour around Lake Nakuru National Park is to hire a cruiser with its own tour guide or driver. The tour guide comes at hand in spotting wild animals around the lake, saving you time and hustle if you were driving yourself.

Anyway, we have discussed the advantages of chauffeur-driven car hire services in our other blog articles. Additionally, we have other types of vehicles available for you such as; Salon car hire Nakuru, 7 seater van for hire Nakuru, Prados for hire Nakuru, and Bus for hire Nakuru as well. However, you have to hire all the cars with a driver.

Safari Land Cruiser for hire in Kenya.

Mostly, whenever a customer is looking for a Land Cruiser for hire in Nakuru or any other part of Kenya, it’s for safari purposes. Bamm Tours has bases around Kenya. For example, we have a Land Cruiser for hire in Mombasa, a Land Cruiser for hire in Nairobi, Land Cruiser for hire in Eldoret. Finally, we have Land Cruiser for Hire Kisumu.

You see, Whichever county you are in Kenya, you can always get a Safari Land Cruiser to visit places in Kenya such as Masai Mara, Nairobi National Park, Amboseli, Tsavo, Samburu, and other arid areas such as Northern parts of Kenya. Secondly, you can rent a safari land cruiser for hire in Kenya, either at a corporate or personal level.


Nakuru Land Cruiser Rental Services.

Likewise, you may get a Toyota Land Cruiser for hire in Nakuru as a tour van. As discussed above, you can easily and comfortably use it as a touring van for various tourist destinations in Kenya. While looking for tour vans for hire in Kenya, please understand there are two main types. These include; A Toyota Hiace tour van for hire, a safari land cruiser for hire, and Overland trucks for hire in Kenya.


Land Cruiser Rental Price per Day.

4x4 car hire NakuruNormally, there goes no day without customers asking us how much it costs to hire a Land Cruiser per day. As much as this is a relative question, Bamm Tours has organized a flat rate, especially for the low season.

For example, you can hire a Toyota land cruiser in Nakuru for as low as KES25,000/- Per day. This cost includes Van hire, fuel, driver’s allowances, and accommodation, plus the park fees for both the van and the driver during low seasons.

However, the prices increase during peak or high seasons since the market forces dictate the demand. The scarcity of land cruisers causes prices to go up.


Lake Nakuru Tour Vehicles for hire.

Basically, whether as a corporation or family, whenever you visit Nakuru town, one of the things to do while there is a game drive around the lake. To have and enjoy the experience, you should hire a tour van to drive you around. If that happens, simply hire a Lake Nakuru tour vehicle from us now.


Prado For Hire Nakuru.

Tourist vans for hire NakuruInterestingly, another type of Toyota Land Cruiser for hire Nakuru available for hire is a Toyota Prado. The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX150 is mostly used for transporting VIPs and weddings. The Prado combines the class and 4×4 compatibility.

Recently, it has become one of the most popular vehicles on Kenyan roads, stating who you are in society. Also, you can hire the Prado for your uses while visiting important social functions such as dowry or ruracio in or outside Nakuru town. You have to hire it with a driver included and primarily not as a self-drive.


Wedding Cars for Hire Nakuru.

Do you have a wedding and you are wondering where to get vehicles for hire for your wedding? Don’t worry anymore since you are safe with us. The wedding cars available in Nakuru include Toyota Prado for hire Nakuru, Noah or Voxy, Salon cars, Toyota Landcruiser V8 for wedding hire Nakuru, and Range Rover for hire Nakuru.

So, pick up your phone and hit our dials today; we will gladly serve you.


4×4 Car Hire in Nakuru Kenya.

Conclusively, when looking for a 4×4 car hire company in Nakuru, Kenya, you can always count on us. As mentioned, we have several four-wheel-drive vehicles for hire in Nakuru town. For instance, a Toyota Hiace tour van for hire in Nakuru, Safari Toyota Land cruiser for hire in Nakuru, Toyota Prado J150 for hire in Nakuru, Toyota V8 for hire in Nakuru, as well as the vans and buses for hire in Nakuru.

By the way, it is good to point out that most full-size four-wheel drive cars available for hire are primarily seven-seater vans. We are the best people to source any car hire with a driver in Nakuru, Kenya.


Rent a Land Cruiser vehicle in Nakuru.

Lastly, whenever you are looking for a Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle in Nakuru to lease, you can always contact us. We have special discounts for extended-term contracts. So, if you need a reliable mode of transportation in Rift Valley, you can opt to lease our Land Cruiser vehicles for hire at a discounted price.



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