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In some instances, Tourists normally book hotels either on or Travel advisor. However, they fail to realize that they would want to book transport to take them on a safari. But the moment they realize they need to book for the Tourist vehicles to take them for game drives, that is the time they come to us.


Being a tour company we understand their predicament. They want to save on hotel or lodge booking costs when they book directly. Only to have it hit their mind last minute that they would need transportation to take them to their destination.


Tourist Cars for hire in Kenya.

Normally, there are 3 types of vehicles that we consider tourist services vehicles. Namely;


  1. Tour Van for hire in Kenya.

In most cases, the Toyota Hiace Tour Van for hire is the most commonly used type of tourist car for hire. Of course, it’s an 8-seater van, a 4×4 wheel drive that has a pop-up roof for easy wildlife viewing and photography. It is the cheapest and most affordable tourist van for hire. During low season, we hire it out at 160$ per day and 200$ per day during Peak season; when the great wildebeest migration is taking place.


  1. Toyota Land cruiser Safari van For hire in Kenya.

Toyota Land Cruiser Van for hire Kenya is the second most used type of tourist van for hire in Kenya. It’s superior to the Toyota Hiace tour van. This van is the most luxurious, comfortable, and famous for tourists. It also has a Pop-up roof, a 4×4 compatibility, reclining seats, and a 7-seater van fitted with a refrigerator. We normally charge 200$ per day during low seasons and 300$ during Peak seasons. 


  1. Overland Trucks for hire in Kenya.

Kenya, being part of the East Africa region becomes a very good corridor for tourists who would want to overland to different countries. We have become a very good resource for the supply of different types of Overland trucks and buses. Our trucks range from 17-seaters to 22-seaters and finally 35-seater overland trucks for hire. The difference between the normal tour vans and the overlands is that it has camping gear, accommodation, and cooking on board. So, it saves on the need to book a hotel or a lodge.


  1. Tourist Buses for Hire.

Sometimes, you may not need a vehicle to go to the wilderness as a tourist car for hire. No. You may just need a vehicle to transport the tourists either from Airport to the hotel, or sightseeing in the city tour excursions. When that happens, the need to hire either a Toyota coaster or a Rosa bus, which is actually referred to as a tourist bus for hire, becomes a good choice for you.


Bamm Tours Hotel Booking Services.

By the way, it is good to note that Bamm Tours also offers holiday bookings to various hotels in the East Africa region. So not only do we provide transport, but also, book hotels/ Lodges or camps for your holiday or vacation. So, next time you need to travel to wild Kenya such as Masai Mara, Tsavo, Samburu, Amboseli, or anywhere else, why not ask us for a quotation? We would be glad to help you with this as well.

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