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As a customer, sometimes you may be confused or even unable to decide which vehicles suit your need. You can rely on our Bamm Tours team to help you whenever this happens!


Of course, our aim is to first listen to your needs, understand you, and finally advise you on the very best vehicle to meet your needs and within your budget.


Normally, we use the questionnaire form (Herein) to collect information about your needs and use the same data to make the decision. Therefore, you are always advised to give us truthful or exact information.


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Kindly help us with the below information so that we give you a comprehensive quotation.


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Additionally, we can use the following criteria to help you choose a car for hire.


Date of Travel.

Its of paramount importance we get to understand your proposed date of travel or when you may need the car. Kenya has many holiday weekends. Sometimes, prices vary depending on seasons or when you need to travel.

Travel destination.

Obviously, not all types of vehicles would go to each and every location. For instance, if you are looking for a perfect car to go for a safari to Maasai mara, we will advise you to either get a Tour van for hire or a Land Cruiser safari van for hire and not a salon car for hire or a hatchback for hire! Similarly, if you need to hire a car and driver for JKIA to a Nairobi hotel, as an individual, we will advise you to hire a sedan car and not a van or a bus.


Purpose of your hiring a car.

In other instances, for example, you may be looking for a perfect wedding car hire in Nairobi. Since we have several types of vehicles that can do that, our team will list to you all the types with the cost of hiring a wedding vehicle included. In the end, your decision may be guided by your budget. Being an African country, we have alternatives to every solution. We will definitely take you through it!


The cost of hiring a car in Kenya.

Sometimes, the major factor that either limits or dictates the type of car to hire from us, is its cost. As your car hire agency, our main aim is to satisfy your needs. So, we have various vehicle models to suit your needs. Always advise us of the amount of budget you have available. Our cars for hire range from Cheap car hire, middle range to the most expensive ones.


Type of Passengers.

Occasionally, you may be looking forward to transporting high-end delegates, other times low-end delegates. Our aim is to listen to you and offer you a solution. On the same length, for high-end business class delegates and expatriates, we will advise the use of our executive, prestige, and luxurious cars for hire such as Toyota Land Cruiser V8, Prado, or a Coaster bus for hire.


Type of an event that you are planning to attend.

For example, if you are looking forward to attending a wedding, we will use or advise a different type of vehicle, unlike the one we would recommend for a burial or business meeting.


The nature of your Travel.

Our aim is always to have you travel comfortably in a luxurious vehicle. However, this always attracts an additional amount to your cost of hire. For instance, suppose you need to travel across the border to Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, or Burundi, we will recommend you hire either a Toyota Coaster or a Rosa bus instead of a 33 Seater Isuzu Polo bus for hire. Why? You may ask. Since the latter does not have the luxury of reclining seats, unlike the 22-seater bus.


Special Instructions.

Every customer is unique. Therefore, we tend to dig deeper into that uniqueness. Is it the type of clients you are hiring the car for? Is it your budget? Is it about your personality? Anything! Just let us know. We are here for you! And, we will help you choose the right car for you!

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