How To Book a Car.


There are 2 types of cars that you can book with us; a Car hire with a driver/ Chauffeured and a Self-drive car hire.


  1. How to book a Car hire with a driver/ Chauffeured Option.


For you to book a car hire with a driver, we kindly require the following information from you.


Your Name:

Email Address:

Mobile Number:

Date of Travel:

Type of Car Interested:

Travel Destination:

Number of Travelers/ Passengers                                            

Number of Days:

Pick-up Point:

Kind of Event Attending:

Your Budget:

Special Instructions:


We will, first of all, furnish you with a quotation. After we agree on the pricing, we will share an Invoice with all amendments.


Thirdly, we require you to send 30% of the total amount for the reservation. There are various ways of making payments as stipulated in our invoice document. For example, a Till Number, Paybill bill Number, Mpesa, direct Bank account deposits, and online payment using either Paypal or Pesapal.


Fourthly, When the booking fee is paid satisfactorily, That is, after confirmation, we book a car for you. The balance is paid on your departure day in the morning, has confirmed that all the details of the car and driver are as per your booking.

We always advise you in case of any change of either a vehicle or a driver in advance.


Last but not least, is to wish you a good and enjoyable journey having thanked you for using our services. We look forward to serving you again and again.


  1. How to Book a Self-Drive Car hire.


For you to book self-drive car hire, we normally ask for the following information which must be filled up to the satisfaction of our car hire team. 


Please note that the management has the right to give out any car on self-drive. 

Secondly, your shared information with us will not be used for other ulterior purposes.


Full Names:

Phone Number (Safaricom):

Your Email Address:


Street & House No.:

Your Office Address:


Office Contact:

Next of Kin:

Next of Kin Contact:


Type of Car to Hire:



Pick up Date & Time:

Drop off Date & Time

Vehicle Use:

Your Budget:

Special Information:

Confirm the information you’ve provided is True:


Kindly (attach/ send directly) your Driving Licence & Your Identity Card (both sides):


After the submission of the documents, we require a minimum of 1 day so as to give time for document verifications.

Once your documents are thoroughly approved, We will notify you and later share an invoice with you. 

Upon the approval of the invoice, we shall share the picture/ images of the vehicle that you will book for.


Similar to car hire with a driver, the customer is to send 30% of the total amount as reservation fees. There are various ways of sending the deposit as stipulated on our invoice. 

For example, a Till Number, Paybill bill Number, Mpesa, direct Bank account deposits, and online payment using either Paypal or Pesapal.


Of course, the balance is cleared upon receipt of your self-drive car hire, having Confirmed that all the details are as per the earlier agreement.


Please note that we either bring you over to the car when it’s clean and a full tank. Always return it as so. 

In some instances, we may require you to pay the driver directly for bringing and picking up the car on your behalf from our office.

Also, we may require a deposit equivalent to one day of hire which is refundable upon making sure all is well with the car. This mostly happens to our first-time customers.

Notably, should you develop a challenge while driving, please contact us immediately! As much as we take maximum care and attention during normal car maintenance and services, cars are machines like any other and they may develop a mechanical hitch unexpectedly!


We mostly advise our clients to strictly fuel either in either Shell or Total petrol station countrywide. It’s also recommended to always have enough fuel/ gas above the quarter tank to avoid any inconvenience. 


The hirer should also observe traffic rules and regulations. We as the best car hire agency in Kenya,  are not liable/ responsible for any cases that are driving-related.


Lastly, we wish you a safe and enjoyable journey.


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