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Maintaining our cars to give you the best experience is at the core of our business.

Car Maintenance

The significance we place on car maintenance stems from our core business of providing rental cars to the general public. Breakdowns during a client’s car hire period are not only inconvenient but also costly. Consequently, we prioritize thorough car repairs before releasing vehicles, partnering with premier garages and mechanics to efficiently manage and maintain our fleet.

Customer-First Rule

Adhering to a key rule, each car undergoes a comprehensive check-up after returning from a self-drive car hire before being assigned to another client. This practice not only helps us manage repair costs but also ensures the reliability of our vehicles. In cases of breakdowns during a journey, we promptly assess the situation, opting for immediate repairs at the nearest garage or providing a replacement for more serious issues. Our goal is to guarantee that a stalled car does not prematurely end your journey.

Car Repair Garage

Our status as one of the top car rental companies in Kenya hinges on rigorous general car maintenance, evidenced by a well-managed and maintained fleet. Our garages operate with precision, addressing any issue, regardless of its magnitude, and promptly replacing spare parts when necessary.

Proper Drivers

Recognizing that proper driving skills are integral to vehicle maintenance, we are meticulous in selecting our drivers. Many have completed defensive driving courses, making us a sought-after company for secure transport solutions. Our tour driver guides, having undergone tour guiding courses at leading institutions, possess extensive experience and, notably, have received general mechanic training. Their involvement with the vehicles positions them as valuable contributors to our maintenance efforts.

Genuine Spare Parts

Despite the challenges posed by the Black Market in Kenya, our mechanics consistently prioritize genuine spare parts, ensuring long-term savings. This commitment to authenticity contributes significantly to the overall reliability of our fleet.

Proper Insurance Policy

Acknowledging the inevitability of accidents, we rely on top insurance companies in Kenya to provide comprehensive coverage. Collaborating closely, we secure insurance policies that suit both our company and clients, ensuring quick repairs and a swift return to the road in the event of an incident.

Car Wash Services

Maintaining well-functioning vehicles is not limited to mechanical upkeep; we extend our commitment to cleanliness. Our dedicated staff ensures that every vehicle is impeccably clean, both inside and out, recognizing the challenges presented by dusty or muddy Kenyan roads. In addition to thorough car maintenance, we approach car cleaning with equal seriousness to guarantee a pristine vehicle for every trip.

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