Car Maintenance


Why we take car maintenance seriously.

First and foremost, we are in the business of renting out cars to the general public, our customers. It would be so costly to have breakdowns during a client’s car hire tenure. Therefore, with this behind our minds, we try as much as possible to have the car repaired prior to issuing it out. 

In other words, we take car repairs seriously to avoid unnecessary breakdowns. As the best car hire company in Kenya, we have partnered with the best garages and mechanics to enable us to manage and maintain our fleet.


Customer First Rule.

One of our major rules is that immediately after the car comes back from a self-drive car hire client, it has to undergo a thorough check-up before issuing it to another client. By so doing, we have been able to manage the repair costs.

Of course, cars are machines like any other machinery. Sometimes, vehicles do break down en route on your journey. Whenever such happens, we try to assess the situation and advise. In most cases, we may have the car repaired at the nearest garage or offer a replacement if the condition is more serious.

Traditionally, our main aim is to ensure that your journey does not end when the car stalls. And it’s sure it doesn’t.


Car Repair Garage.

General car maintenance is what has enabled us to become one of the best car rental companies in Kenya, for quite some time, with the best well-managed and maintained fleet.

In our garages, the mechanics don’t take chances on anything no matter its magnitude. If theres a spare part that needs replacement, we have to ensure its done and fixed.


Proper Drivers.

Obviously, the maintenance of vehicles normally starts with proper driving skills. We are usually very careful while hiring our drivers from day one. This is another factor to ensures stability, continuity, and reliability as much as car maintenance is concerned. 

In general, most of our drivers have actually taken a defensive driving course. This makes us the most sought-after company that offers secured transport solutions. 

Similarly, our tour driver guides have taken tour guiding courses from the leading learning institutions in Kenya. On top of that, they have wide experience. Whatsmore, they are always ready to serve you! Luckily, all the drivers have taken a general mechanic course. We count mostly on their support since they are the ones involved with the vehicles in most cases.


Genuine Spare Parts.

Kenya being an African country is often negatively affected by the Balck Market products. These too doesnt exclude us from the trap. Fortunately, our mechanics always insist on us replacing with the genuine spare parts, not once, but all the time. Weve seen and experience agreat saving in the lon run while doing so.


Proper Insurance Policy.

Accidents are inevitable. You cannot foresee one happening. We rely to the best insurance companies in Kenya, who seats down with us and gives us the best insurance policy that perfectly suits us and our clients. So, incases when it happens, our insurance agency ensures that the vehicles are quickly repaired and back to the road.


Car Wash Services.

Imagine having a well maintained vehicles but a dirty one. Our team of dedicated staff always ensures that the vehicles is sparklessly clean both interior and exterior. Kenyans roads are usually either dusty or muddy. Either way, the car has to be extremely clean for the next trip. Alongside the car maintenance, we take car cleaning business seriously!


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