Rent Out Your Car to Us.

Sometimes, car hire needs from our customers exceed us, and whenever that happens, we often fall in need of extra vehicles. Consequently, that always creates a need and business for those of you who have extra vehicles parked. What a beauty would it be instead of parking your car, you have it generate an income for you!

Of course, there is a process to follow when hiring your car to us. Secondly, there are various types of cars that we take in and obviously others that we don’t take in. For example, Toyota makes vehicles that are the most common in the market and therefore we do not hesitate to take them as opposed to other vehicle models. 

In as much as we don’t require extra vehicles every other day, we need them from time to time. 

So, always check from time to time if you need one.

One of our staff will ask you to send or share photos of your car on WhatsApp.

You can your car from a Salon car, Mini Suv, & seater vans, Full size 4×4 cars for hire. Vans and Buses as well.


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