Hygiene Standards


Car Fumigation

As our tradition, we have over the years developed the best way to maintain our vehicles so as to serve our customers better. Actually, when Covid-19 hit our doors, we were the first car hire company to start fumigating our vehicles to make them safe for our customers and free from the Virus. Other car rental companies followed thereafter. 

Since then, we have continually developed the habit; we never stopped. 


Clean Vehicles

Thus, every time a car comes back to the office, the first thing is to have a thorough cleaning before being engaged in another assignment. Similarly, before we take another trip, we have to ensure that the car is sparkling clean; both interior and exterior. As a matter of fact, we have partnered with the best car wash services in Nairobi. This in turn ensures that all our cars for hire are always clean.


Well Maintained cars for hire.

One day, a woodcutter reported to his boss that when he got the contract to cut down trees, he did 10 trees on the first day. However, in the following days, the number kept on dwindling. Having given the concern a thought, the boss asked the wood-cutter, `When was the last time you sharpened your axe?` 

Similarly, our vehicles, being machines, have to be `resharpened` quite often to ensure a service delivery guarantee.

Therefore, we have partnered with the best car garages in Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret, and Nakuru. In turn, this ensures that we have smooth rides with minimum breakdowns every time you hire a vehicle from us.


Smartly dressed Drivers and Staff.

It will be pointless to have clean vehicles and untidy drivers. As a company, we believe that drivers are our most important staff in delivering our promises to you. In this regard, we always ensure that our drivers are always clean and presentable. In addition, they are smartly dressed in the office wears during normal working days and hours. Casual on weekends and in complete tour guide combat during the safaris to either Masai mara, Amboseli, or Tsavo.


Clean Office.

We always ensure that we maintain the same hygiene standards we have in our vehicles at our office. Therefore, whenever you visit our offices, we will not fail to notice the same. At least, we ensure that our office is thoroughly cleaned on weekends, and daily as well. The office staff too will be looking forward to welcoming you with a nice smile, ready to serve you. Noticeably, you will not fail to hear; what can I offer you, sir, Coffee, water, or a soft drink?


Conclusively, whenever you are dealing with Bamm Tours, always rest assured that we have maintained the general cleanliness of both our cars for hire and staff. As the bible says, Cleanliness is second to God. Welcome on board.


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