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Our Rescue

Accidents and breakdowns, though inevitable, can occur unexpectedly. In such situations, we are equipped with two options: repair or replace. Let’s delve into each choice.

Car Repair

Typically chosen for minor damages, car repair is the preferred and expedient option, particularly outside major urban centers like Nairobi. Our positive experiences with the Toyota brand stand out, as it allows continued driving with a warning light on the dashboard when facing a problem. This feature enables clients to reach another town for repairs, leveraging the widespread availability of Toyota spare parts. Consequently, customers experience only a minimal delay while awaiting repairs, as opposed to an entire day for car replacement. With our extensive experience, we maintain contacts with proficient mechanics in various locations.

Car Replacement

In unfortunate instances of major breakdowns impeding the vehicle’s journey, we resort to the last option: offering a replacement vehicle. Whether sourcing the replacement from Nairobi or nearby major towns such as Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, or Kisumu depends on the client’s location. Repairs can be carried out on-site or, if necessary, the vehicle can be transported to our garage for comprehensive diagnostics.

Whose Cause?

Damage, often attributed to wear and tear, is inherent in machinery, including vehicles. Regardless of whether the damage is a result of natural wear or caused by the hirer or driver, our primary objective is to promptly rescue the client, deferring discussions until later.

Repair Garages and Mechanics

As detailed in our previous articles, our strategic partnerships with top-notch garages and skilled mechanics who prioritize genuine spare parts contribute significantly to minimizing breakdowns. While any breakdown incurs costs on our side, our concerted effort is to eliminate these incidents entirely.

These qualities underscore our standing as one of the premier car rental companies in Kenya. Therefore, when you choose to hire a vehicle from us, rest assured that we have you covered in times of adversity.

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