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Sometimes, accidents and breakdowns are inevitable. Actually, they happen when you least expect them. Whenever they happen, we always have 2 options; Either to repair or replace.

Let’s look closely at each of them.


Car Repair.

Normally, we chose this option when the damage to the car is minor. Of course, we determine the extent of the repair expected. This method is usually the best and quick option especially if you are outside Nairobi or major town centers. One of the best experiences we have had is of using the Toyota Brand of cars. The advantage it has over the others is that, if it develops a problem, it shows a warning light on the dashboard but then allows you to continue driving. This allowance makes it possible to get to another town for the repairs. Luckily, Toyota spare parts are locally available in almost all towns; big or small.

Therefore, as a customer, you only lose a few hours while awaiting the repair, as opposed to waiting an entire day for the replacement of the car.

Simply said, your journey does not stop. Actually, because of our many year’s experiences, we have contacts of good mechanics in most places.


Car Replacement.

Unfortunately, there are times when the car breakdown is major and the vehicle cannot continue with the journey. Whenever this happens, we look for the last option which is to offer a replacement vehicle. We can either have the car from Nairobi or from the close major towns such as Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, or Kisumu, depending on your location. 

When we offer the replacement, we either have the vehicle repaired at the same spot or have it brought to our garage for proper diagnoses


Whose Cause?

In general, the damage may be because of tear and wear of the vehicle, since its still machinery like any other.

Also, the damage could have been brought by the hirer or the driver. Either way, your journey should not stop irrespective. 

Our major goal is to rescue you first and we do the talks later.


Repair Garages and Mechanics.

As we have discussed in our other articles, we have partnered with the best garages with the best mechanics who always insist on genuine spare parts. Cumulatively, this method always ensures that we have fewer and fewer breakdowns. Of course, any breakdown is a cost on our side that we would want to avoid completely altogether.


These are among the best qualities that have enabled us to become one of the best car rental companies in Kenya.


So, whenever you are hiring a vehicle from us, be rest assured that in times of adversity, we have you sorted.

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