Why Rent a Car?

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Why Rent a Car?

Normally, there are various reasons why you should hire a hire. In this article, we will try to expound on the major reasons why someone or an organization may opt to hire a car.

Travel Destinations or Locations

Suppose you own a salon car or a sedan, or a hatchback and you want to travel to the wilderness for a game drive. I am sure you would not even begin to think about taking your precious car to places without tarmac roads. 

For instance, if you were to travel to Masai mara, Amboseli, Tsavo, or Samburu, it will only make sense to hire a car, with a driver or tour guide. Most likely, you would want to hire a tour van for a proper experience.

Test Drive before the actual purchase of a vehicle

Anytime that you think of buying a car, it’s always advisable to, first of all, test the vehicle model before you finally settle on investing in it. Hiring a car offers the best option in that you can hire the car longer, travel outside the city center, and observe its fuel consumption, and horsepower among other things.

As the best car hire agency in Kenya, we have offered this solution to many seeking to buy similar vehicles. Others have gone ahead and bought them while others developed second thoughts.

A better option than Buying

In some instances, an organization that secures contracts in Kenya opts to hire vehicles instead of actually buying to own them for many advantages. One, the car hire agency takes care of all the cost of running the motor vehicle from the actual purchase to Insurance, to general mechanical services. On the other hand, the organization saves the initial cost of acquiring the motor vehicle and running it.

Saves on the tear and wear of your car

Suppose your car is older and you want to travel long distances. Since car hire companies are known to maintain newer vehicles, it then makes sense to hire a car than travel on yours. Essentially, you end up saving its tear and wear.

Just to Show off

Nowadays, especially with the social media influence, many people would want to show off they are doing well in their lives. Consequently, they would hire different vehicles to appear at either social gatherings or business meetings in style! You do not need to own a car for you to drive it. In Kenya, the vehicle you use tells much about your personality and social class! Public figures like politicians, musicians, and influencers always hire cars to appear at social events in style.

Moving masses

Sometimes, a company or an individual may have a need to move a large number of people from one point to another. In such cases, it is always to hire vehicles that can fit the number of people traveling. That’s why Bamm tours have vehicles for hire that range from mere 5 seater salon cars for hire to 50 seater buses. We make sure that we transport your group no matter the quantity.


Self-drive cars offer flexibility and convenience at a high level. You, as the hirer, do not need to wait for public transportation to get from point A to B. Similarly, should you feel you need to take a break, you can easily do so at your own pace. If you want to visit any place, you can do so so easily as opposed to when you are using public means of transport.

Travel like a local

Whenever you visit Kenya and you would want to feel like a local, the best way to achieve that is by having a car on self-drive. As long as you have your international driving license with you, you can drive anywhere in Kenya. Eventually, you will have a feeling like a local citizen.

The best alternative to places without taxis

Sometimes, you visit towns that do not have reliable taxi or cab services. To avoid inconveniences while there, as you may need transport services, it’s recommended to hire a car from the best car hire agency in Kenya, Bamm Tours!

Great Saving

All in all, hiring a car offers such great savings. The main reason is that the car hire agency caters to all its costs. From the cost of acquiring, registration, Insurance, vehicle inspection, and finally general mechanical repairs and maintenance. So, whenever you hire a car, you only pay for the cost of hiring a car per day and not for the entire time!

Finally, I am sure there are other factors that make someone hire a car. Therefore the above list is not exhaustive.



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