Salon Car hire in Eldoret Kenya.

Salon Car for hire Eldoret

Are you searching online for a reliable car hire company in Kenya to get a salon car hire in Eldoret? Well, look no further since you are fully sorted with Bamm Tours. Of course, we specialize in car hire with driver services in Eldoret, Nairobi, Mombasa, And Nakuru.

So, pick up your phone and hit our dial: CALL, SMS, WHATSAPP; 0743142615 //0754 004 003// 0712004003. Email us at, and we will be glad to serve you.


Car Hire with a Driver in Eldoret.

Toyota Prado for hire EldoretSimilarly, as we’ve discussed in our previous articles, all our cars for hire in Kenya, are hired with their own drivers. There are many advantages of hiring vehicles with their driver or chauffeured car hire. To mention a few, it’s the advisable model, especially if you visit a town for the first time.

The locals, being the drivers, are fully aware of the best routes to use to navigate traffic jams. Secondly, if the vehicle develops some mechanical problems, your driver is able to assist on time. Thirdly, you save time since you do what you do best, you take a back seat, and be driven professionally!

Bamm Tours has car hire with a driver in Nairobi, Car hire with a driver in Mombasa, Car hire with a driver in Nakuru, car hire with a driver in Eldoret, Nanyuki, and Kisumu

Affordable Car Rental in Eldoret.

Typically, Bamm Tours is the best car hire company in Kenya for getting budget vehicles for rent. Having said that, our vehicle hiring process is smooth and swift. Secondly, we take the business seriously. Therefore, we check and maintain our vehicles periodically and strictly. This reduces breakdowns to almost zero. So, whenever you rent a car from us, you can be assured that it’s always worth your money.

Conclusively, whenever you are looking for a budget car rental in either Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu, Mombasa, or Eldoret, Always get it from us.


Eldoret Car Rental Services.

Below are some other vehicles we have available for hire in Eldoret.

1. Rent a Sedan Car in Eldoret, Kenya.

Bamm Tours is the leading car rental company in Kenya, offering the best cars for hire. So, whichever rental car you are looking for, always ensure that you get it from Bamm Tours.

Of course, we have special discounted rates when hiring vehicles for an extended time. Equally, a sedan car has many uses in Eldroet. For example, you can rent a sedan car to pick up or drop you off at Eldoret Airport or use it to attend your business meetings. Also, you could use it to go to a private function or event such as a Wedding or Burial.

2. Toyota Noah for hire in Eldoret.

Alongside a salon car hire in Eldoret, we have 7 seater vans, for example, a Toyota Noah or Voxy for hire in Eldoret. Normally, these types of 7-seater vans are always recommended for families traveling together in one vehicle. Whether you require a one-way airport transfer, business meetings, or to attend a social function such as; a wedding, dowry, or even a burial.

You can always count on us to provide you with an excellent clean Toyota Noah or Voxy for hire in Eldoret town Kenya. Of course, we have available Toyota Noah for hire in Nairobi, Toyota Noah for hire in Mombasa, Toyota Noah for hire in Nakuru, as well as in Kisumu city.


3. Tour Van for hire in Eldoret.

By the way, did you know that you can visit Masai Mara National Park from Eldoret? In that case, did you know that you can hire a tour van to take you there? I thought you should know. Well, you can either get from us a nice clean Toyota Hiace tour van for hire in Eldoret, or a reliable 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser safari van for hire in Eldoret!

Bamm Tours has a fleet of well-maintained safari vans just for you. Whats more, our prices for hiring these vehicles are pocket-friendly. Always, we look forward to taking you on a nice safari to one of the 7th wonders of the world!


4. Buses For Hire in Eldoret, Kenya.

Buses for hire EldoretWithout a doubt, Bamm Tours is the best bus-for-hire company in Kenya to source for any type of bus for hire. For example, we have buses for rent such as; the Toyota Coaster bus for hire in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Nakuru. Secondly, Rosa bus for hire33-seater bus for hire in Nairobi and Mombasa, 44-seater bus for hire in Nairobi, and 51-seater bus for hire in Nairobi.

Similarly, you can hire all these buses from Nairobi to other parts of East Africa. Always contact our main office in Nairobi for your quotation to different places.


5. Prado for hire in Eldoret.

One of the best vehicles available for hire in Eldoret alongside Salon car hire Eldoret is a Toyota Prado TX 150. Bamm Tours has a wide network that makes it possible to get a Prado for hire in Nairobi, Toyota Prado for hire in Mombasa, Toyota Prado for hire in Nakuru, and Kisumu.

Obviously, all our Prados for hire come with a driver or chauffeur. Remember, we have discussed in length the advantages of hiring vehicles with their own driver, versus a self-drive.


Long-Term Car Rental Kenya.

Eldoret Sedan Car Leasing.

Sometimes, a need arises whereby a corporation or an individual needs a salon car to hire Eldoret on a long-term basis. Whenever that happens, you can count on us to provide you with an excellent, clean salon vehicle for rent. Actually, this type of car hire can be on a self-drive basis as well.

In other words, the customer gets an opportunity to pay monthly. Long-term car rental in Kenya also ensures you get a discount on your hire. For example, a salon car would cost KES75,000/- per month instead of KES90,000/-. Crossover cars for hire will be $1500 instead of $2000, While the Full-size SUV will be $3000 instead of $3600.


Executive Cars for Hire in Eldoret.

Additionally, We can equally get you executive cars for hire alongside salon car hire in Eldoret. For example, a Toyota Prado Tx 150, a Toyota V8, and a Range Rover for hire. Some of the uses that require one to hire an executive vehicle are either a Wedding or VIP personal Business meetings.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer cars for hire for political campaign purposes. This is because it has many challenges like vehicle misuse and most politicians in Kenya have a record of not paying their debts, whether or not they win the elections. Forgive me for being honest.

However, we offer secured transportation such as an Airport transfer. In this category, we provide armed security services, either in the same vehicle or a separate one. This can happen when you have high-end guests or are ferrying valuable goods. Always reach out to us for secured transport solutions in Kenya!




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