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The Best Car Hire Company in Kenya.

Bamm stands for; Blissful, Awesome & Magical Moments! By the way, we never stopped hiring out various vehicles even after the safaris idea conception. No! As a matter of fact, we have cast our nets wider to accommodate different types of cars for hire to our esteemed customers. Of course, we give self-drive car hire needs to the customers with whom we have built relationships for quite some time. needless to say, whom we know perfectly well. Do we know you to the point that we can give you any car on a self-drive basis?

Our Promise

What are we all about?

We bring on board a heart for the best tour company in Kenya and we haven’t relented as yet. We’d love to go with you to a place where we can write beautiful Kenyan stories. We are Bamm Tours and Safaris and we are all about travel, safaris, and the idea of creating beautiful moments while we still can. You are invited to have Blissful, Awesome, and Magical Moments with a tour company trusted in Kenya.

leading car hire company in Kenya.

Our History

A journey of 1000 miles starts with 1 step.

Our beautiful story as a tour, travel and car hire agency in Kenya began a few years ago. The best tour company in Kenya known as Bamm Tours and Safaris Limited in full was started by a young and ambitious couple with a taste and zeal to help people tour Kenya at affordable prices. Initially, Bamm Tours started out as a Taxi or cab and Car hire service in Kenya. Basically, ferrying passengers around the capital, Nairobi. For example, Airport transfers from JKIA to their respective hotels or homes along Kiambu Road. Gradually, during this period, most of their clients started requesting private tours around the country. For instance, Masai mara safaris to go and witness the 7th wonder of the world, the wildebeest migration.

Tours and Safaris Idea is born

How did we end up being the Best Tour Company in Kenya?

That together with other stubborn queries, sparked an idea that is still running up to today. By meeting the many clients’ needs, we have gained various titles, among them the Best Tour Company Kenya, as well as the best car hire company in Nairobi. This meant that in addition to their quality services in Taxi/ Cab services in Kenya, most of our customers would now enjoy warm and private tours around Kenya through our services.

Why Us?

Blissful, Awesome & Magical Moments Tours

Bamm Tours and Safaris Limited survives on a mantra that is; Blissful, Awesome Magical Moments Tours, which is the law we live by. We have taken the concept of the best tour company in Kenya and combined it with the proper dosage of a personal touch or if you like; personal responsibility to ensure our clients get the best in tours and travel in Kenya. Our popular tours include; the world-class Masai Mara tours to the world-famous National park tours in the city of Nairobi Kenya. Bamm tours are a great tour guide for locals as well as foreigners. Thousands of locals who trust the tour company Kenya that is Bamm continually call us for these services.

Our Core Values

Here are some our guiding frame work that guides our operations.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to ensure that every client is satisfied with their experience.


We maintain a high level of professionalism in all our operations.


We strive to always be transparent and honest in all our dealings.


We treat all individuals and cultures with mutual respect.

Setting a goal when hiring a car in Kenya can be helpful to ensure that you have a clear objective and plan for your rental experience. Factors to consider:

1. Determine your purpose.

2. Identify your budget.

3. Research rental companies.

4. Choose the right car.

1. Consider renting a larger vehicle.

2. Look for rental companies with a wider range of options.

3. Plan a longer trip.

4. Consider a road trip.

5. Think about your needs.

If you want to hire a car in Kenya, here’s an idea of how you can book now:

1. Research Car Rental Companies.

2. Choose Your Car.

3. Check Availability.

4. Book Online.

5. Confirm Booking.

6. Pick Up Your Car.

7. Enjoy Your Rental.

Talk To Us

At Bamm Tours car hire, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and high-quality vehicles. All of our cars are well-maintained and regularly serviced to ensure your safety and comfort on the road. Enjoy the experience of the best car hire company in Kenya. Talk to us.

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