Coaster Bus for Hire Nairobi

Toyota Coaster Bus For Hire in Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Nanyuki, Mombasa, Kenya.

Are you looking online for a reliable bus rental company that you can get a Coaster Bus for hire in Nairobi Kenya? Well, look no further because with Bamm Tours you are fully sorted. We are indeed the right people who will hook you up with nothing but the best bus services.

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Rent a Coaster Bus In Nairobi Kenya.

Bamm Tours is popularly known for hiring only the best Toyota Coaster Buses in Nairobi Kenya. Therefore, when dealing with them, always be rest assured that you will certainly get the best from them.

In addition, their prices for hiring the buses are considered as cheap and affordable. Their drivers are all professionals, their general office staff notwithstanding. No matter the occasion that you need to attend to, always contact them for your group transportation services. All you need to do is tell them where your people will be picked and dropped from. Leave the other details to them.

Sometimes, you may need more than one Coaster bus. Bamm Tours has many buses for hire. Under the Bulk Hire category, you can rent more than 5 buses and other vehicles.

Hire a Coaster Bus in Nairobi.

Luxury Mini bus hire Nairobi KenyaOf course, the tour bus offers a comparative room and solace to the 22 passengers. At the same time, the minibus is dependable and provides a bit more space for additional travellers. Therefore, you can hire to attend any type of event that requires bus charter transportation such as; Weddings, Airport transfers, and city excursions. Other types of events that you can rent the Tourist bus for include travelling for long distances for family functions, burials etc.

The following feature is what you get with a Coaster Bus for Hire in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Drive – Manual/ Automatic
  • Highlights – All age traveler safety belts



Cheap Coaster Bus for hire in Nairobi Kenya.

Cheap Coaster Bus for Hire Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Nanyuki, Mombasa, Kenya.Bamm Tours is the best bus hire company that you can get cheap coaster bus for hire. See, we have been in the industry for a long time. We aim to provide the best affordable rates, not compromising on the quality of the buses leased from us.

There goes not a day without a customer asking us, How much does it cost to hire a bus for a day in Nairobi? We have the best cheap rates in Town.

For example, a Toyota Coaster or a Mitsubishi Rosa bus is KES20,000/- per day within Nairobi. Of course, we have other cheaper charges such as an Airport transfer or an SGR transfer at KES12,000/- one way.


Nairobi Group Transportation Services.

18 seater buses for hire Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Nanyuki, KenyaUltimately, you can rely on Bamm Tours Bus hire services for all your group transportation solutions. Our myriad types of buses for hire that you can choose from. Irrespective of your number of people that need to transport. Always talk to us, and we will give you the best group transportation solution.

On the off chance that you need an excellent-sized vehicle for shipping a massive gathering of individuals, then the 22-seater is one the most significant vehicles we have for hire. We offer space for up to 14 travellers as room for different things.

The 22-seater minibus is a dependable decision for those gathering trips. The hiring of a Toyota Coaster for hire Nairobi Kenya 22-seater or comparative beginnings from an affordable price for a one-day or couple of days rental, including conveyance and assortment.

Actually, no one can beat us in providing the best buses for hire in Kenya at the cheapest prices. Please fill up the online form below and we will act swiftly in providing you with a comprehensive quotation.

Tour Buses for hire in Kenya.

Best Shuttle Bus Coach For hire Nairobi KenyaEver since our country gained freedom, there has been an increase in public transportation, year in and year out. Masses of people continue to hire buses for their private functions such as dowry, weddings, funerals, you name it. As a result, Your best bus hire company in Kenya comes in handy.

Our business is ensuring you are transported safely, conveniently, and affordably. We have been doing this for quite some time. So, whenever you are dealing with us, you can rest assured and leave it to us to work out the details.

Your best bus-for-hire company in Kenya has various types of buses available. For instance, we have 22 seater Rosa buses, 33 seater Isuzu polo buses for rental, 35- seater Mercedes buses for hire, 44 seater Hino buses, and 50 seater Isuzu Fuso buses.


Kenya Coaster Bus Rental.

There are quite a number of private companies that hire our Toyota coaster bus for hire in the Nairobi Kenya business. For example, among other companies amongst Bamm tours. However, our organization is normally rated the best. Occasionally, the need to hire buses comes into someone’s life, sometimes, unexpectedly.

Therefore, it pays to have someone that you can trust to handle your bus hire services. Events such as; Funeral or burial functions, Weddings, Dowry, or even corporate and church events both within Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, and Kisumu Outside. As a matter of fact, our services are not limited to Kenya only. We travel even to our neighbouring countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, and Kampala among other East African countries.


Kenya Buses for Hire Services.

It’s good to remember that there was a time when our Kenyan Government used to be involved in public transportation and they had buses named ‘Kenya Bus’. However, due to mismanagement, this Bus company collapsed and was wiped out. Nowadays people prefer hiring privately owned buses for their general travels. 

Bamm Tours is your right choice for both the Vans and Bus hire Services in Kenya.

Below are some of the passenger vehicles we have alongside the Toyota Coaster Bus For Hire;

1. 14 Seater Vans For Hire Kenya.

At times, when the number of persons travelling to a special occasion is less than 15. We advise hiring our own 14-seater vans instead of the Toyota Coaster bus or a Mitsubishi Rosa bus for hire in Nairobi Kenya. Equally, our private 14-seater vans are executive and luxurious. That is to say that their seats are reclining, have in-built Air conditioning, window curtains, or are tinted. What’s more, our drivers are professional tour guides. Lastly, the vans are TSV-insured, and, therefore, we follow the Tourism Regulatory Authority rules.

2. 18-Seater Buses For Hire.

In Kenya, Toyota has not been able to produce an 18-seater van for hire. So, if you need to source for an 18-seater, we recommend using a Mercedes model that offers the same comfort as a Coaster Shuttle for hire in Nairobi. However, since many Kenyans are accustomed to and familiar with a Rosa or a Coaster bus, we use it quite often. As long as your group of people is more than 14 and less than 28, consider using the Coaster bus for hire in Nairobi Kenya

So, next time you are looking for an 18-seater minivan for rental in Nairobi Kenya, you know where to turn to. Not only do we have bus rental services in Nairobi, but also in Nakuru, Eldoret, Nakuru, Nanyuki, and Mombasa.

3. 25 Seater Bus Hire.

The 25-seater buses are the ones commonly referred to as the Toyota Coaster Buses. It carries over 14 up to 28 passengers. Therefore, when you read in our other articles about the 25-seater buses, just be aware that we are referring to either a Coaster Bus or a Rosa Bus.


33-Seater Buses For Hire.

Alongside the Coaster Bus, we have 33 seater buses for hire in Nairobi and Mombasa. These types of buses come in handy when you have a larger group of people travelling in one bus. Of course, it’s cheaper to hire one 33 seater bus than 2 25 seater buses. Bamm Tours has all the options for you.


44-Seater Buses For Rent.

Additionally, we have 40 to 44 seater buses for hire. So, the next time the group of people travelling goes beyond 22, you can consider hiring one 44 seater bus or 2 Coaster Buses.

55 Seater Buses For Hire in Nairobi.

Similarly, we have available executive 55 seater buses for KES45,000/- per day within Nairobi. These buses are more comfortable and luxurious. However, we also have 50 seater Isuzu buses for KES28,000/- per day. You see, with Bamm Tours, you have the options depending on your budget.

Bus Hire with a Driver.

If you are new in Kenya, you may be required to hire a car with a private driver all to yourself. At Bamm Tours, we have the best cars for hire, driven by professional drivers who, not only know Nairobi like the palm of their hand but will take good care of you and show what Nairobi has to offer. both in terms of scenery, people, buildings as well as cultural activities.

Actually, one of the safest ways to travel around Kenya is when you hire a car with its own driver. So, we have the options available in all major towns such as; Car hire with a driver in Nairobi, car hire with a driver in Mombasa, car rental with a chauffeur in Nakuru, and finally in Eldoret.

Shuttle for Hire in Nairobi Kenya.

It’s unfortunate to say that Nairobi as the capital City of Kenya does not have an organized Metro or Shuttles for public use. If you need the most efficient, convenient public travel, we advise you to hire a Coaster bus. However, when our customers are making bus hire inquiries, they insist on shuttle buses for hire. We understand their language, we give them our tourist buses for hire!

Hire a Minibus in Nairobi, Kenya.

18 Seater Tour bus for hire Nairobi KenyaToyota Coaster Bus is also referred to as a Minibus. Therefore, should you need to hire a tour van to go to Masai Mara,  kindly talk to us and let us know whether you need to hire a Tour Van or a Toyota Land Cruiser depending on your budget and the level of comfort you need for your safari.

Apparently, you can hire a Coaster bus to do a brief Nairobi National Park Tour Safari. But we do not allow our coaster buses to go to Masai Mara. In retrospect, we have Overland trucks, that offer both as a tour bus suitable for doing game drives in our National parks.

Toyota Coaster Bus Hire Prices in Kenya.

Bus pricing in Nairobi depends on various factors like the distance from Nairobi, The number of People travelling, the number of days you need to travel, and so on. Therefore, the price of renting a minivan Toyota Coaster Bus will be different from a 14-seater van, a Tour van, a 33-seater bus, a 44-seater Bus for hire in Nairobi, or even a 50-seater bus. Always inquire from the office whenever you need a quote.


The cost of hiring a bus for a day.

How much is it to Rent a Coaster Bus?

In Nairobi, the price of renting a Toyota Coaster Bus is KES20,000/- or $200 per day which includes bus hire, fuels and drivers allowances. Please reach out to our office for quotations outside Nairobi or Airport Transfers in Nairobi, Eldoret or Mombasa.

How much does it cost to hire an 18-seater Bus in Kenya?

Similarly, the price or cost of hiring an 18-seater bus is the same as of hiring the Coaster or Rosa Bus. Therefore, it is KES20,000/- or $200.

How much is 44 seater Bus hire in Kenya?

However, the price of hiring a 44 Seater Bus is KES25,000/- or $250 per day within Nairobi. The price includes Fuel, Drivers Allowances, and the bus hire charges.

How many seater is a Coaster Bus?

Normally, a comfortable Toyota Coaster Bus fits 22 passengers. However, there are 6 additional seats on the aisle popularly referred to as the Jumper seats. When these seats are occupied, it carries 28 passengers. Unfortunately, it is illegal to use them.

How many people can fit in a coaster?

A Toyota Coaster Bus fits 22 people comfortably. However, people can occupy Jumper seats to make a total of 28 Passengers but it is illegal in Kenya for them.

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