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Toyota Rav4 for hire in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu Kenya

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How to Choose the Best Toyota Rav4 For Hire in Kenya.

Toyota-Vanguard-Car-Hire-in-Nairobi-Mombasa-Nakuru-EldoretWhile it might seem like an easy task, hiring a vehicle, especially the Toyota Rav 4 hire Kenya, can be tricky sometimes. We all know this because we see how people struggle to settle for the best Rav 4 Hire Kenya. The word best is used relatively to mean the right choice of vehicle.

For instance, one great example is when a client couldn’t settle on either Rav 4 for hire in Kenya or the Toyota Vanguard hire. From a distance, these two vehicles look almost the same but they have recognizable differences. It’s not just that most people wish they’d find an easier way to hire vehicles.


Also, we have prepared a few tips on getting a Toyota Rav 4

  1. Define your car rental goals.
  2. Check the size of the Car that you need to hire.
  3. Research the best car rental companies in Kenya.

1. Define your car rental goals.

We offer different types of vehicles that are at times overwhelming to new customers. We suggest that as a customer you can make the process easier by defining your needs. What do you wish to do with our Rav 4? Where do you wish to travel with it? What makes you want to hire a car?

Will you be off-road? How many people will you be taking along? When you answer these questions, it becomes easier to design the size and make of a vehicle.

Similarly, our team can help you choose. Lastly, do you need to rent the car on a self-drive basis or with a chauffeur? Simply fill out our list of questionnaires, and we will be happy to help.

2. Check the size of your Car.

What is the ideal size of the vehicle you wish to hire? All these will be determined by the point we raised above. If you are familiar with what you need, you can settle on the vehicle easier.

For example, a Toyota Rav4 for hire in Kenya will be best suited to carry 57 passengers. Similarly, a Toyota Wish will also be a great way to fit a similar number. If you wish to check on the cost of fuel, you can’t disregard the size. A larger vehicle will consume more fuel, which means more money will be spent.

If you are fuel-conscious, you can go for a smaller vehicle such as the Hatchback car for hire from Bamm Tours.


3. Do your research accordingly.

Mostly, it’s about renting the best vehicle for your needs. Ideally, you need to know the penalties associated with getting a Rav4 for hire in Kenya. How does the best car rental company calculate time, etc.?

You should be aware of these suggestions before choosing the car hire vehicle.

Lastly, you can always hire the best Bamm Tours and Safaris vehicle. We have an unmatched wealth of experience in Kenya. Plus, we offer vehicles at reasonably cheap prices that satisfy the market needs.

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Cheap Car Hire Services in Nairobi.

Bamm-Tours-Best-Crossovers-for-Hire-in-Nairobi-Mombasa-Kisumu-Nakuru-Eldoret-Nanyuki-KenyaAs much as this question is relative, we try as much to be competitive in that our Toyota Rav4 hire in Kenya falls within your budget. Of course, it depends on which type of car you are looking at. Some cars are cheaper than others. For example, you would not bargain or haggle for a luxurious vehicle as compared to a basic vehicle. However, we have tried, like a car hire company, to get you very budget car hire prices across Kenya.

One of the best ways to ensure you get a cheap car hire is how we charge. For example, we differentiate the car hire price from the driver, fuel, or park fees. This ensures that you pay the basics according to how you utilize your car rental.

For instance, the price of hiring a Toyota Rav4, Vanguard, Nissan Xtrail, Honda CRV, and Mazda CX5 is Kes10,000/- or $100 per day within Nairobi, with a driver, excluding fuel.

Similarly, there goes not a single day without one of our customers asking us; How much does it cost to hire a Toyota Rav4 in Nairobi, Kisumu or Mombasa Kenya. So, there you go with the answer. The price of hiring any Crossover car, Mini SUV or Mid-size SUV is KES10,000/- or $100 Per day with a driver excluding fuel.

Monthly Car Rental in Nairobi.

The-Best-Long-Term-Car-Rental-in-in-Nairobi-Mombasa-Nakuru-Eldoret-kisumu-Nanyuki-KenyaMany customers who hire a Toyota Rav 4 or a Vanguard tend to rent them for a longer period. Consequently, we have designed special packages to cater to this need. Therefore, whenever you hire a car from us for Monthly use, always get in touch with us for a special offer. Monthly car rental, therefore, ranges from basic salon cars to Mini SUVs, full-size SUVs, Vans and Buses.

Please check out our long-term monthly rental hire discounts. These car rental packages are ideal for expatriates who are based in Kenya. As expats, you can hire the vehicle either as an individual or as a corporation.

The number of vehicles that you can rent on a long-term basis ranges from Small to large, self-drive or chauffeured, in Nairobi or outside.

Best Car Hire Services in Nairobi.

One of the best car hire companies in Nairobi is Bamm Tours. We are the best when dealing with Rav 4 for hire in Kenya. So, any time you need any type of car for hire or rental, do not go anywhere else. Whether you need Sedans for hire in Kenya, Mini SUVs for hire, 4×4 Wheel drives, 7, 8 10, or 14 seaters private Vans, 18, 22, 33, 44, or 50-seater buses, wedding cars for hire, and many others, you know what to do, right?

Please read our online reviews or testimonials from the customers we have served for the past 20 years. We would be glad if we serve you as well. Please get in touch with us today.


Below are some of the best car hire vehicles we offer at Bamm Tours. Please be advised that the list is not final.

1. Toyota Prado For Hire In Nairobi.

Best Car Hire Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Nanyuki, Kisumu, Mombasa Kenya.Similar to a Rav4, a Toyota Prado is available for hire. Fortunately, we stock both of the units just for you! Whether you need it as a self-drive or Chauffeured, short-term or long-term, we have them available.

In addition, we have Toyota Prados for hire in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, and Eldoret. Apparently, all these are available with a driver. Our sister company, Prado for Hire Nairobi, ensures that we never lack a full-size 4×4 SUV anytime you need it.

2. Vans for hire Nairobi.

7-Seater-Mini-Vans-For-Hire-in-KenyaAlongside the Rav 4 hire in Kenya, we also stock Vans for hire in Nairobi Kenya. First, we have the basic 7-seater Vans such as the Toyota Noah or Voxy for hire. Secondly, we have tourist vans category such as the Tour van for hire and Land cruiser safari van. Thirdly, we have luxurious vans in the name of either Toyota Alphard or Vellfire. Finally, a 14-seater private matatu van for hire in Nairobi.

This is simply saying that Bamm Tours is indeed a one-stop shop for all your car hire or rental needs! “Our main aim is to help you travel from point A to B, across the the East Africa region: comfortably, conveniently, safely, and affordably, one person at a time!”


3. Toyota Premio for hire in Nairobi.

A Toyota Premio is one of the popular cars in Nairobi. It comes second to a Toyota Rav4 or a Vanguard. Obviously, it is a luxurious Salon car that combines class, comfort, and add-ons, unlike its counterpart, the Toyota Axio. Automatically, the cost of hiring a Toyota Premio is slightly higher than that of an Axio.

Similarly, you can use the Salon cars for hire for various uses such as; wedding car hire, Airport transfer services or city sightseeing. However, we understand that each customer has unique needs, and therefore, feel free to inquire about your own special needs.


Toyota Rav4 For Hire in Kenya.

  1. Toyota Rav4 For Hire in Mombasa.

Toyota-Rav-4-Car-Hire-in-Nairobi-Mombasa-Nakuru-EldoretMombasa being one of the best tourist destination in Kenya, means that Bamm Tours has its base there. So, the nest time you are in Mombasa and in need of a mid-size SUV to move around, consider hiring Toyota Rav4 from us at a cheap rate. We have the best Rav4`s for hire just for you!

  1. Toyota Rav4 For Hire in Kisumu.

Kisumu city is one of the cleanest city in Kenya which serves as the hub for the Nyanza region. For you to move around Nyanza or Kakamega, you need an affordable car for rental. Bamm Tours comes in handy in renting out the best Mini Suvs with a driver to meet your needs. Always contact us whenever you need to rent a Toyota Rav4 in Kisumu City.


Crossover cars for hire in Nairobi Kenya.

Apart from the popular Toyota Rav4 for hire in Kenya, Bamm Tours stocks other types of crossovers for hire. Vehicles such as the Toyota Harrier for hire, Mazda CX5, Honda CRV, Nissan Xtrail, and Toyota Vanguard for hire. On this forum, we will discuss the Toyota Harrier for hire in Nairobi since we have discussed the rest in our other blogs.

  1. Toyota Harrier For Hire in Nairobi Kenya.

Toyota-Harrier-Car-Hire-in-Nairobi-Mombasa-Nakuru-EldoretPerhaps this is one of the most preferred types of vehicle for hire in Nairobi after the Rav4. Many people prefer to hire Toyota Harrier for the day disposals, sightseeing, and attending business meetings in Nairobi.

Toyota Harrier for hire is also used for long-term monthly contracts. Organisations Lease the Toyota Harrier for their Short term contacts such as 3 years.


Car hire in Westlands Nairobi.

Whenever in Nairobi, whether you live or work in Eastlands, Westlands, Kiambu Road, Ngong Road, Thika Road, or anywhere else, We are conveniently located to ensure that we can serve you from any location. To us, your office location does not matter. We welcome all Nairobians to Kiambu Road.





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