V8 For Hire Nairobi

V8 for hire Nairobi

Are you in Nairobi and looking for a reliable car rental company to source a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 for hire? well, look no further. You are at the right place at the right time. Bamm Tours has several Toyota Land Cruiser V8s available for hire for you!

Please Call/ SMS/ WHATSAPP: 0712004003 /0754 004 003/0743142615. Email us at info@bammtours.co.ke. And we will be glad to give you one.


Best V8 For Hire in Nairobi.


Toyota V8 For Hire in Nairobi KenyaBamm Tours stocks both Diesel and Petrol Toyota V8 for hire in Nairobi. The vehicle is also available in either White, Silver, or black. While hiring, always let us know your favourite colour of preference. The best type of hire basis is usually with a chauffeur. In other words, a car hire with a driver.

Actually, if you need to experience the Toyota V8 rental services like a king, it’s better to hire it with a driver. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you cannot hire the Land Cruiser on a self-drive basis. In fact, the cost of hiring the best V8 in Nairobi is the same whether with a driver or self-drive.

Similarly, you can also hire a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 for either a short-term or Long-term Period. For Short-term car hire, you can rent the vehicle for a Wedding or an Airport Transfer service.

Car Hire Nairobi.

In Nairobi, the Car Hire business has been there for a long period of time. There are many reasons that make someone need to hire a car. For instance, Your car may break down halfway through your errands. You need to hire a car. Secondly, you may wish to make a statement with the car that you drive especially the V8 for hire in Nairobi. This vehicle is always noticeable by everyone on the road either driving, walking, or cycling.


Alongside the Toyota V8 for hire in Nairobi, we also have the following vehicles.

  1. Toyota Prado TX150
  2. Station wagon cars such as the Toyota Probox and Toyota Wish.
  3. Wedding Cars for hire such as the Limousine, Range Rover, and Vintage Cars.
  4. Tourist vehicles such as the Toyota Hiace and Toyota Land Cruiser safari vans.
  5. Double cabin pickups such as the Toyota Hilux.

Prado TX 150 for Hire Nairobi.


In as much as we rent out Toyota Land Cruiser V8 for hire, we also have in stock a Toyota Prado Tx 150. The latter is more affordable and is commonly used by many. With us, you are always spoilt for choices. Our team of professional staff walks with you to first and foremost understand your needs as a client and later advise on the best way forward.

What’s more, Bamm Tours is your one-stop shop for all car hire needs in Kenya. We have various offices throughout the country to ensure that you get either a V8 or a Prado. For example, we have a Toyota Prado for hire in Nakuru, and a Toyota Prado for hire in Eldoret. We also have a Toyota Prado for hire in Kisumu, a Toyota Prado for hire in Mombasa, and a Toyota Prado for hire in Nairobi.

Probox for Hire in Nairobi.

Did you know that the Toyota Probox has been one of the most sold vehicles ever since it hit our market? Kenyans have never comprehended what the Japanese had in mind while manufacturing this vehicle. Many call it a Kenyan Donkey since it literally does all the donkey work! The only car that comes next to it in terms of body shape, not functionality is a Toyota Fielder for hire, which we have in stock for you.

Vintage Wedding cars for hire in Nairobi.

We have in stock Vintage or classical wedding cars for hire in Nairobi. Additionally, we have Convertible Cars for hire, a Toyota Prado, a Range Rover and a Toyota V8 for hire in Nairobi. These are the main wedding cars for hire in Nairobi. Therefore, with us, you are spoilt for choice which makes us the best company to source vehicles for hire from.

Toyota Wish for Hire in Nairobi.

Depending on your need for hiring vehicles, whether you need a Toyota Wish, Fielder, Axio, Probox, Rav4 or Vanguard, Alphard or a Vellfire or a V8 for hire in Nairobi, We have them available. So, the choice is yours! Tell us which type of vehicle you are looking for and we will make sure we give it to you. Challenge us today with your request and you will be surprised.


Toyota Hilux for Hire Kenya.

Toyota Hilux for hire Nairobi Kenya


Mostly preferred by young engineers or expats in Kenya, the Toyota Hilux Double cab is a very popular car, especially on all construction sites.

Unlike the V8 for hire in Nairobi, the Toyota Hilux Double cab for hire is not used as a luxury vehicle. although the latest model is a very sporty and elegant car for hire.

Land Cruiser for Hire in Nairobi.

Land Cruiser For Hire Nairobi KenyaWhenever someone mentions a Toyota Land Cruiser, what comes to mind is a Safari Cruiser. However, A Toyota V8 is still a Land Cruiser! How funny. Toyota has many vehicle types. so next time you need a Toyota-made car it’s always good to specify the need. I have observed that while in Kenya we use a modified safari Land Cruiser, Dubai uses the Toyota Land Cruiser V8 for their desert safaris.

Land Cruiser Rental Price Per Day.

There goes not a day without a customer asking us about the price of renting a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 per day. Well, our rates are the cheapest in Nairobi. For only KES30,000/- or $300, you can rent a Toyota Land Cruiser for a day within Nairobi, with a driver, excluding fuel.



Range Rover for hire in Nairobi.

By the way, with Bamm Tours, you can Bulk hire. What does that mean? you may ask. Well, it means that you can hire a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 for your wedding alongside a Range Rover! As a matter of fact, you can hire a Range Rover Limousine, a Range Rover Sport, A Range Rover Velar for hire, and a Range Rover House.


Price of hiring a Toyota V8 in Nairobi.

So, “What’s the price for hiring a Toyota V8 in Nairobi?” A customer asks. The cost of hiring a Toyota V8 in Nairobi is KES25,000/- or $250 with a driver excluding fuel from 6 am to 6 pm.

Similarly, there are various uses of the Toyota V8. They include.

  1. For weddings
  2. Airport Transfers
  3. Day disposals such as Sightseeing and high-end meetings.


1. Toyota V8 Wedding Car hire.

V8 for hire NairobiOne of the major uses we rent out the V8 for is for wedding purposes. Actually, you can check our wedding car hire packages inorder to have an idea of how we are the best wedding car hire company in Nairobi.

2. Airport Transfers.

Many business executives prefer to be picked up or dropped off at the airport using the Toyota V8. Therefore, the organisation’s staff reaches out to us for that reason. To pick up their VIP persons from the Airport. You can check our Airport transfer car hire packages.

Notably, we can arrange for express meet and greet services at an additional cost of $35 per person. This means that we will help your VIP guests with filling in their immigration papers, and assist them with the portage of their luggage so that they can do other important activities. What’s more, we will use the expressway to get them to a Nairobi Hotel.


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