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If you have found us on the Google search engine, it definitely means that you are at the right place for a Limousine for hire in Nairobi Kenya. Welcome to Bamm Tours and Safaris Ltd, one of the Best Executive Car hire companies in Kenya.

Simply, pick up your phone and hit our dials; Call, SMS, WhatsApp; 0712004003 /0754 004 003/0743142615. Email us at and we will be glad to serve you as soon as possible.


Limousine Car Hire Price in Kenya.

limo for hire near meLimo for hire pricesWell, there are various factors that we consider for us to give you the best prices. The price of hiring a Limousine in Nairobi ranges from KES30,000/- to KES40,000/- per hour, depending on the choice of the Limousine. Please check the different types of Limousines available for rental today.

We aim to be an affordable car rental company that offers great, quality, executive, and prestige car hire services. Different types of Limousines cost different hiring prices.

For instance, A Chrysler Limousine for hire will cost differently from a Range Rover limousine for hire, an Audi limousine for hire, or even a BMW limo for hire. Secondly, we consider the distance to be traveled. Thirdly, the duration of hire. Of course, the minimum number of hours you can hire a limo is 4.  Finally, the number of extra services required, such as red carpet service, wines, champagnes, or entertainment.

Best Limousine for Hire Nairobi.

Best Limousine for hire Nairobi KenyaFortunately, Kenya is now growing fond of hiring limousines for special occasions. Limousines are primarily for hire in Nairobi for weddings. However, other occasions would make someone get a limo for hire. For instance, there are surprise birthday parties, VIP executive business meetings, and airport transfers.

Whenever you need it, we’ve got it just for you! Currently, Bamm Tours is the best car rental company to source your best Limo for hire today. Of course, we have other executive car hire companies in Nairobi. You should try our services today and see for yourself since some things are better experienced than explained.

Luxury Limousines For Hire in Nairobi.

Bamm Tours has the best luxury limousines and the cheapest limousines for hire in Nairobi. Whenever you need to rent a Limousine, ensure you get it from us. This means that you can rent our luxury limousines for whichever event you have in Nairobi.

For example, a client once hired a limousine from us to take a newborn son from Agakhan Hospital to his home. You can also do that.


Cheap Limousine for Hire in Nairobi.

Cheap Limousine for hire NairobiUltimately, Bamm Tours offers the cheapest Limozines for hire in Nairobi, Kenya. Not only are our hiring prices the cheapest, but we do not compromise on the quality of our services.

For example, we offer champagne drinks while on board, red carpet services, and the police escort. Be it a mere Airport Transfer, Wedding, or Special dinner function. Our expert team ensures you get first-class service without breaking the bank. Talk to us today.

Executive Limousines Car hire Services Nairobi.

Finally, as we conclude, Bamm Tours, therefore, is the only car hire company from which to get your Executive limousine car hire services. We have a vast network with various suppliers, so we promise a seamless hiring process. Finally, we leave a memorable mark in your mind so that you can tell others about us. Our services are all about you! Get in touch with us, and we will be glad to help. Welcome.

Wedding Cars for Hire in Kenya.

Limo for hire Nairobi Kenya pricesAs said above, We stock different types of wedding cars for hire in Nairobi, Kenya. For example, Toyota Prado for Hire. Toyota Prado TX 150 is one of the most sought-after types of wedding cars for hire in Nairobi. Typically, we have successfully held several weddings over the last couple of years. Hence we have a record of delivering good services.

Actually, we view our participation in people’s weddings as part of our ministry or giving back to the community (Corporate Social Responsibility- CSR). We don’t just see it as a wedding, but we like being part of the covenant-making process. So, delivering first-class services is our number one priority!


Below are some of our wedding cars for hire in Nairobi.

1. Vintage Cars for Hire in Kenya.

Different customers have different wants! While some clients prefer a limousine to hire in Nairobi, others go for a Vintage Cars for Hire in Kenya. Luckily, your best car hire company in Nairobi has all of them! Ideally, your main aim as a customer is to beautify your occasions, such as a wedding, business trip, or a surprise event for your loved ones.

So, whether you need Vintage cars for hire, executive cars for hire, Luxury cars for hire, 4by4 car hire, or basic cars for hire, we’ve got them. By the way, some people refer to vintage cars as classical cars when hiring. Whatever the case, we’ve got them covered.  Get in touch, and we will hook you up with the best!

2. Toyota V8 for hire Nairobi Kenya.

V8 for hire NairobiSecondly, we stock Toyota Land Cruiser V8. If there’s a car that defines your wedding day, then it’s a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 for hire for your wedding day. We’ve written many stories about this type of vehicle. We keep on adding value to that car. We have recently face-lifted our Toyota V8 to suit the market needs. Surprisingly, we’ve not added the hiring cost. The cost of hiring the Land Cruiser V8 remains KES25,000/- per day within Nairobi, excluding fuel.

So, take advantage, book our Toyota V8, and experience service with a difference, whether for your bridal team car hire or your bride or groom.


3. Range Rover for hire in Nairobi.

Thirdly, we have a Range Rover alongside the Limousine for hire in Nairobi as a Wedding car for hire. This is handy whenever you want to stand out with a German machine. Whether you prefer a black, white, or jungle green colour, we have them. Better still, whether you prefer a Range Rover Vogue, a Range Rover Sport, or a Range Rover House. Of course, we have a Range Rover Limousine for hire! Simply let us know.


4. Convertible Cars for Hire Kenya.

Fourthly, convertible cars, either hired alongside the limousine for hire or exclusively, offer a unique stand for your hiring intentions. This is the type of vehicle that the bride and the groom can drive or be driven. After the weddings, we watched the wedding videos and all the videos looked stunning!


5. Mercedes Benz For rent in Nairobi.

On the same note, we stock high-class cars such as a Mercedes Benz for hire. Kenyans have a saying that when you go German cars, you never go back, mostly to Japan! This is so true. As the best car hire company, we have options for several types of vehicles, including those above. By so doing, we, therefore, become the best car hire company from which to source all your vehicle hires.

Whichever type of car you need, get it from us. Try us out today. Mercedes Benz car rentals are generally used for weddings or high-end corporate business meetings. You can also hire a Mercedes-Benz car for your airport transfers in Nairobi. With us, whether you need a limousine or Mercedes for hire in Nairobi, you’ll undoubtedly get it from us.




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