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V8 car hire Nairobi

Are you looking online to hire a Toyota V8 in Nairobi Kenya? Well, worry no more. You have just landed at the right place for your needs.

Simply pick up your phone and hit our dials, 0712004003 /0754 004 003/0743142615. Email us at info@bammtours.co.ke and we will be glad to serve you!


Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Rental in Nairobi Kenya

Bamm Tours is the only best car hire Company in Nairobi to hire Toyota V8 from. So, whether you are looking for short-term or long-term car hire needs, either self-drive or chauffeured, we have the right solutions for you.

Seemingly, the vehicles come in different colors such as White, Wine red, Silver, and black. These vehicles are for who is who in our society. Needless to say, you drive a status.

The Toyota V8 for hire in Kenya is suitable for attending serious, executive corporate meetings and events. Additionally, it can be used as a bridal car for wedding events within Nairobi.

The Price of Hiring a Toyota V8 in Nairobi.

There goes not a single day without customers asking us how much it costs to hire a Toyota V8 in Nairobi. Well, the price of hiring a Toyota V8 in Nairobi is KES25,000/- or $250 Per day with a driver/ Chauffeur excluding fuel.

The cost of hiring a V8 varies from one town to another. For example, the cost of hiring a V8 with a driver in Mombasa is different from Eldoret, Nakuru, or Nanyuki. Always check it out with us today.

Of course, we have special discounts for longer-term car rental contracts. So, always reach out to us for the discounted monthly rates either self-drive V8 or Chauffeured.


Wedding Car Hire in Nairobi- Toyota V8.

One of the most common uses that makes many customers look for a V8 to rent, is for their weddings. There is a special way that a Toyota V8 makes the wedding colourful if not beautiful. additionally, we have other types of wedding car hires such as Convertibles, Vintages/ Classic cars, and Limousines.

Whether you are looking for the V8 for your wedding to carry the bride or the bridal party, you know where to get it from. Bamm Tours has the right solutions for you! In fact, we have wedding packages in terms of car hire that you can choose from. We can advise the best wedding locations depending on the type of wedding that you want.

Finally, Our sister company, Baecation Adventures can help you book a nice Honeymoon package.

Self-drive Car Hire in Nairobi Kenya.

Ever since covid hit our doors, there has been an increasing demand for self-drive cars for hire in Nairobi Kenya. For us to meet the demand, we have religiously incorporated self-drives cars that include Hire Toyota V8 Nairobi.


Of course, we have other types of cars such as;

1. Saloon cars

For example, the Toyota Axio, Toyota Fielder, Nissan Tiida, Nissan Wingroad, Honda Shuttle, Mazda Axela etc.

2. Compact Crossover cars for hire

Such as; Toyota Vanguard, Rav4 for hire, Mazda CX5, Toyota Harrier, Honda CRV, and Nissan Xtrail.

3.  MPV vans for hire

Vehicles such as; Toyota Noah, Toyota Voxy, Honda Stepwagon, Nissan Serena, Toyota Alphard, and Toyota Vellfire.

4. Full-Size SUV car hire

Vehicles such as Toyota Prado. and the Toyota Land Cruiser V8 for hire in Nairobi Kenya.

For an individual to qualify for a self-drive car, he has to go through a background check of his documents. The service is therefore possible upon due verification.

Chauffeured Cars for hire in Nairobi Kenya.

V8 for hire NairobiOf course, the best and most preferable means of travel is chauffeured car hire in Nairobi. Why? You get rid of all the available risks involved with accidents among other car liabilities.

There are other advantages of hiring a car with a chauffeur in Kenya such as the peace that comes with being driven. This ensures that, as a customer, you concentrate on your tasks and meetings, while your driver worries about the traffic, shortcuts, police harassment, bad roads, and bad drivers. Finally, you arrive at your meeting venues safely and conveniently!

Actually, we always encourage people to opt for this model. Apart from Hire Toyota V8 Nairobi, other vehicle types on chauffeur-driven include; Salon cars, 7 seater vans, 14 seater vans, Shuttle Buses for hire, Toyota Prados, Toyota Vellfire, Tour Vans, and Safari land cruisers for hire Nairobi


SUV Cars For Hire in Nairobi.

Both the Toyota Prado TX 150 and Toyota LandCruiser V8 offer luxurious SUV car Hire needs in Nairobi. By the way, SUV simply means Sports Utility Vehicle. In other words, it’s a 4×4 wheel drive with Sports addons. Needless to say, if you hire a Toyota V8 Nairobi, it has both Four-wheel capabilities, as well as Sports or beauty in its design.

One of the best car hire companies where you can rent the best SUVs is Bamm Tours. Our fleet has well-maintained vehicles in good condition. What’s more, incase of a breakdown or accident, we replace or repair a vehicle within a short time. This ensures that your hire continues seamlessly as if nothing happened.

Conclusively, the Toyota V8 for hire in Nairobi is the topmost SUV car hire Nairobi Vehicle available. Typically, that’s not to say that we don’t have other SUVs such as the Range Rover Sport, Vellar and House.


Best Car Hire Services in Nairobi.

Once and for all, let us agree that Bamm Tours is the Best car hire company to get vehicles from. Whether it’s budget car hire in Nairobi, Weddings, passenger service vans, or Luxurious ones among others, we have all of them just for you!

Whenever you talk about the best car hire services in Nairobi, You must include vehicles in good mechanical condition, clean, or new units. Of course, we would, rather, go an extra mile to make sure that our fleet is the cleanest and presentable at any given time.


Monthly car rental in Nairobi.

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 For Hire NairobiAre you travelling or visiting from abroad and would need long-term car hire services? Talk to us now. We have served a wide net of customers, both Kenyans and non-Kenyans who intend to spend a few weeks or months here in Kenya. we have Monthly car rental packages for you.

Whether you need just a basic salon car for example; a Toyota Axio or a Fielder for hire. Whether you need a full-size SUV or Mini, such as Toyota Rav4 or Vanguard for hire or Nissan Xtrail. 7 passenger vans such as Toyota Noah or Voxy, or even an Alphard on Self-drives. Get in touch with us now.

Land Cruisers for hire in Kenya.

In Kenya, we have 3 types of major Land Cruiser vehicles for hire. Namely, a Toyota Prado TX 150, a 7-seater Toyota Land Cruiser Safari Van, and finally the Toyota V8.

So, let us look into each of them.

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser Safari Van.

Sometimes, you may opt to visit places with rough terrain such as Masai Mara. Other times Amboseli, Tsavo, Chalbi, and Samburu. When such a need arises, we would not advise the use of s Hire Toyota V8 Nairobi. Whether it’s during the Great Migration season, the Easter Holiday season, or Christmas.

Rather, we would recommend Safari Land Cruiser for Hire Kenya. Definitely, there’s a very big difference since our cruisers are safari customized to ensure you get to access and see the wildlife.

Normally, cruisers are chauffeured by experienced Tour guides. Your job is just to sit, relax and enjoy as your guide takes you through the safari.

2. Toyota Prado TX150.

One of the best car hires that we do at Bamm Tours alongside Toyota V8 Nairobi, is a Tx Prado for hire in Nairobi. We have these available in different shapes and colours. Prados are primarily used for executive or VIP meetings, Weddings, Airport transfers, and Visiting rough terrain areas.

Traditionally, we have served many people across the country over the last few years. Of course, we have rented out the Prados for both short-term and long-term, self-drive or car hire with a driver in Nairobi. Therefore the next time you are looking for an SUV car hire in Nairobi, look no further than at Bamm Tours.

Similarly, we have prados for hire not only in Nairobi but also in Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, Nanyuki, and Mombasa.


Popular Vehicles for Rent in Kenya.

Below is a list of the popular vehicles that we have in Kenya.

1. V8 for hire Nakuru.

Interestingly, we get so many inquiries about V8 for hire in Nakuru County. Unless it’s for wedding uses or chauffeured, we are unable to serve the self-drives.

However, if you need to hire from Nairobi and use it in Nakuru, we will gladly serve you!

2. Vanguard for hire Nairobi.

At times, your budget may not allow the hiring of a Toyota V8. so we have mini SUVs, also known as Compact Crossover cars for rent such as the Toyota Rav4 or a Vanguard for hire to cater to this need.

The performance of both the Prado and the Vanguard is almost similar, the only difference is its body size. Vanguard is way smaller than a V8.

3. Fielder for hire Nairobi.

“Never forget the breast that once fed you!” Goes an African Proverb. Similarly, we can never forget that we started hiring out Toyota Fielder for hire Nairobi and gradually to Toyota V8. We can never forget where and how we started. Therefore, whether you need a luxurious car for hire or basic car hire we have room for you!

4. Toyota Landcruiser For hire in Mombasa.

Bamm Tours is the best place that you can get a reliable Toyota Land Cruiser V8 for rental. Therefore, when you are looking for any type of vehicle for hire in Mombasa, please feel free to contact us. Additionally, whether you need an Airport transfer, Business meetings in the Coastal region, or attend weddings, the Toyota V8 is your best solution.

5. Toyota Harrier For Hire in Nairobi.

While still on it, Bamm Tours is the best car hire company to rent a Toyota Harrier new shape with a driver. Unfortunately, these units are fewer in number. Sometimes, we offer equivalent vehicles in its place, in case it is unavailable. Either way, always find out from us if we have one available at yu point of need.

6. Alphard for hire.

Another popular vehicle for hire in Nairobi and Mombasa is the Toyota Alphard or a Vellfire. These two types of luxurious MPV Vans are spacious and classy. They are superior to Toyota Voxy or Noah. Toyota Alphard or Vellfire are commonly used for either family or corporate travel. Other times, they are hired alongside the V8 inorder to carry more than 5 passengers.


For inquiries or Bookings,

CALL/SMS/WHATSAPP: 0712004003 //0754 004 003// 0743142615

EMAIL: info@bammtours.co.ke


Or, visit our Offices:
Nairobi / Main office: a few meters from AAR Hospital, Ridgeways, Kiambu Road. Carman Showroom, Ground Floor, Office number 5.
JKIA Office: Terminal 2, Kairi Tours next to Avis Car rental.

Mombasa Office: Epic Business Park, Office A33, 3rd Floor Links Rd, Mombasa.

Eldoret Office: Eldo Centre Mall, Office Number 027, Ground, Eldoret.

Nanyuki Office: Oddesey House, Office Number 1, Laikipia Road directly opposite the main entrance of Cedar Mall., Nanyuki.

Nakuru Office: Kang’ei & Nyakinyua Building, Kenyatta Avenue, Opposite Nyayo Gardens, First floor Room 9.

Reach out:

For enquiries or bookings, write to info@bammtours.co.ke. We’ll revert within 20 minutes during business hours.

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