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Private Buses for Hire.

If you are here now, it means that you have come across us through Google search. Obviously, this means that we are the best Car hire company that deals with the private buses for hire Nairobi Kenya. We have been doing it for a while. This means that we have gathered enough wings to fly. That, we’ve gone before you, arranged everything for you so that when you call us, we are ready to take you to places in the country. Therefore, pick up your phone and hit our dials 0712004003 /0754 004 003/0743142615 and we will be happy to serve you!

Cost of Hiring a Bus for a Day.

buses for hire NairobiIn order the answer this question effectively, we need to understand that there are different types of buses. Secondly, their seating capacity. Thirdly, the distance to be traveled as factors that determine the cost of hiring a bus for a day. Consequently, whenever you need to travel anywhere, simply get in touch with us for your quotation. Definitely, Buses range from a minimum of Kes16,000/- for a 22 seater coaster Bus, to KES25,000/- For a 50 Seater Isuzu bus within Nairobi.

Minibus Hire Nairobi.

Bamm Tours has a wide range of different types of buses for hire Nairobi. For example, a Minibus. Relatively, a minibus is a bus that carries less than 18 passengers at a time. In Nairobi, we refer to them as Matatus, or in our case, a Private 14 seater van for hire.

18 Seater Buses for hire Kenya.

affordable 20 seater bus nairobiThere are various types of 18 seater Buses for hire in Nairobi Kenya. One of them is a Mercedes Van. However, as one of the best bus Hire companies, we prefer using a Toyota Coaster or a Mitsubishi Rosa bus, to take 18 passengers.

Tour Bus for Hire in Nairobi.

Mostly, Toyota Coaster and Rosa buses for hire are the ones normally considered as Tour buses in Nairobi. This is because they are closely associated with the ferrying of tourists within the country. Apparently, Kenyans are now using tour buses as they would use Matatus.

Matatu for Hire Nairobi.

Coaster Bus Hire NairobiSince we have discussed the origin of Matatu for hire Nairobi in our previous articles, allow me not to repeat the story here. But, Kenyans popularly refer to Private 14 seater Van as a matatu. We don’t mind it. However, when you hire the van, we provide classic services as compared to Matatus.

Coaster Bus for hire Kenya.

Among all the buses for hire, the Toyota Coaster bus remains to be the most preferred type of a Bus in Kenya. We have Coaster Bus for hire in plenty. They come in different colors. It’s their features like; Air Condition in the bus, adjustable seats, window curtains, Cup holders, additional carriers for extra luggage, and the professionalism that makes it very popular to Kenyans.

School Bus Hire Prices.

Normally, during school opening and closings, schools rent our buses for hire to transport their students. Additionally, they also do so during school trips too. We remain open to all your needs. Talk to us now.


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