Corporate Car Hire Packages in Kenya.

Ultimately, Bamm Tours has favorable Corporate car hire packages in Kenya. Here are some of them.


Long-term Corporate Car Rental Package.

A long-term corporate car rental package, where companies can rent a vehicle for an extended period of time, such as a month or a year. These packages typically include a discounted rate on the rental, regular maintenance, and servicing of the vehicle. These packages are often used by companies that need vehicles for their employees, and expatriates to use for work-related travel, but do not want the costs and responsibilities associated with owning a fleet of vehicles. You can either hire a self-drive vehicle or car hire with a driver.

Short-term Corporate Car rental Package.

A short-term corporate car rental package is where companies can rent a vehicle for a day or a week. For example,

  1. A Weekend Getaway car hire package, whereby you can rent a car from Friday afternoon to Monday morning at a discounted rate on self-drive.

2. Business Travel package, which includes a car rental during the normal working days to travel outside Nairobi for several days. Here, you can opt for any type of car. from Salon car hire, Vans, buses, and 4x4s.

3. Corporate Account program. Here companies set up a long-term rental agreement for a fleet of vehicles at a discounted rate. Normally, the payment is done monthly or otherwise as agreed by both parties.

4. Group Travel package, Under this package, a company or organization hires our Vans and Buses to attend out-of-town conferences, team buildings, or retreat activities.

5. Replacement Vehicle Package. Sometimes, Companies’ vehicles break down from time to time. In such an instance, we offer replacement vehicles to companies whose employees have vehicles in the shop for repairs. After all, companies’ work doesn’t need to stop because of general maintenance or repairs. Equally, we offer replacement vehicles when the ones we have hired out fail.

6. Chauffeur Service Package. In other instances, Companies receive high-end customers, delegates, or business partners who arrive at the airport and need executive car hire services. If this happens, Bamm tours come in handy. We provide high-end services which include a luxury car rental and a professional driver for executives or VIP clients.

7. Delivery service package. By the way, we sometimes offer delivery service packages for companies that need to transport goods or products within the country. Most of these corporates are the ones that trust us with other general transportation needs.

8. Flexible Rental package. Obviously, our car rental packages are always flexible. This allows companies to rent a car for a specific period of time, with the option to extend the rental if needed.


Meet and Greet Services.

under the meet and greet service, a corporate hire car and driver to pick up clients or employees from the airport or other transportation hub such as the train station. For example, the SGR. You can always count on us to pick up your guest to and from the Kenya entry point.

1. We offer a VIP meet and greet service at the airport for corporate clients, where our representative greets the client at baggage claim and escorts the delegate to their hotel or the corporation’s office.
2. We Provide corporate clients with luxury car options, such as a Mercedes-Benz or BMW, for a more high-end experience on a self-drive basis or even as a car hire with a driver.
3. Also, we offer discounted rates for long-term rentals for corporate clients who frequently travel to Kenya for business.
4. In the future, we are working on creating a loyalty program for corporate clients, where they can earn points for each rental that can be redeemed for upgrades or discounts on future rentals.
5. By the way, did you know that we also provide a concierge service or Hotel bookings for corporate clients? In short. We assist with making reservations for hotels, restaurants, Safaris, tours, and other travel arrangements as need be.
6. Bamm Tours also offers a road trip package for corporate clients. This is mostly for clients who prefer visiting multiple cities in Kenya. such as Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, and Mombasa, among others. Normally, corporate clients hire vehicles with a driver from us and we drive them all over Kenya and East Africa in general.
7. Offer additional services such as Free mineral drinking water, Free Wifi, an extra Child seat upon request, and an extra driver option for corporate clients.
8. In the near future, we are working to create a mobile application for corporate clients. in turn, they will be able to make reservations, track their reservations, and view account history.



Chauffeur Service Package.

Bamm Tours has developed a chauffeur-driven car hire service package, where companies can hire a professional driver to drive their employees or clients around on a regular basis. They can either hire our vehicles or we provide a driver to drive their own company vehicles upon request.

1. Normally, we offer a corporate package that includes a dedicated, professional chauffeur for businesses to use for executive transportation, meetings, and events.
2. Also, we offer a road show package for companies that need transportation for multiple employees and clients to visit multiple locations in a day.
3. We have special rates for long-term rentals, such as a monthly or yearly package for companies with regular transportation needs.
4. we have also partnered with major hotels and conference centers to offer transportation packages for corporates that need conference amenities.
5. In addition, we also offer an airport pickup and drop-off package for corporations that have frequent travelers arriving or departing at the airport.
6. You can also decide to hire our VIP package which includes luxury vehicles and high-end amenities for executive and VIP clients.
7. While still in it, we offer a city tour package for business travelers to explore the city during their stay in either Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, and Nanyuki

8. finally, our corporate package includes additional services such as baggage handling, refreshments, or in-car WiFi services.



Executive Car Hire Package.

In line with our promise, we have packages an executive car hire package for corporates. In other words, companies can rent luxury vehicles such as Mercedes, Toyota V8, Range Rover, and Limousines, among others for their executive team.

Here is what you can consider when looking for an executive car hire package.

1. Luxury car rental package for executives: Bamm tours offer high-end luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz, Toyota Prado, Land cruiser V8, and Range Rover for executives to rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
2. Chauffeur-driven car rental package: We provide a professional chauffeur to drive the executive to their destinations in comfort and style.
3. Long-term corporate car rental package: Bamm tours offer discounted rates for companies that need to rent cars for extended periods of time for their employees, staff, and their expatriates.
4. Airport pick-up and drop-off service: We provide a car rental package that includes airport pick-up and drop-off service for executives traveling to Kenya.
5. Customizable rental package: We always prioritize listening to you. Here, we allow companies to customize their car rental package to meet their specific needs and budget.
6. Corporate account management: Here, we offer a dedicated account manager to handle all of a company’s car rental needs and ensure a smooth rental experience.


Economy Car Rental Package.

Being the best car rental agency in Kenya, we understand that economic times have not favored most of our customers. In order for us to address this issue, we have developed an economy car rental package just for you. Here, companies can rent budget-friendly vehicles for their employees or clients, or expatriates.

1. Corporate Discounted Rates: Bamm Tours offer discounted car rental rates to businesses that rent cars on a regular basis.

2. Long-term rentals: We also offer discounted car rental rates for businesses that need to rent cars for extended periods of time.
3. Pick-up and delivery services: We offer to pick up and deliver rental cars to businesses, so they don’t have to worry about transportation.
4. Insurance packages: Our cars are usually comprehensively insured in order to provide added peace of mind for businesses.

5. Maintenance and repair services: As a general rule, we offer maintenance and repair services for rental cars, to ensure that they are always in good working mechanical condition.
6. Driver services: Bamm tours Provides an experienced pool of drivers for businesses that need to rent cars but don’t have their own drivers.
7. Customized packages: From time to time, we always listen so that we can develop customized car rental packages for businesses based on their specific needs and budget.
8. Online booking and payment: Bamm Tours allows businesses to easily book and pay for rental cars online. There’s no other car rental company in Kenya that does the same.



Self-drive Corporate Car Rental package.

At Bamm tours, we have designed a self-drive car rental package. This means that companies can rent vehicles and allow their employees, staff, expatriates, or clients to drive themselves. Below are some features of the package.

1. Unlimited Mileage package: We offer a flat-rate rental package that includes unlimited miles, allowing corporate clients to travel as much as they need without worrying about additional costs.

2. Long-Term Rental package: Our discounted rates for corporate clients who need to rent a car for an extended period of time, such as a month or more save them money.

3. Group Travel package: This is a package for corporate clients who need to rent multiple cars for a group or team, with discounted rates for each additional car. Alternatively, they can hire our bigger buses to travel in one vehicle.

4. Chauffeur Service package: Here, we offer a package that includes a professional driver for corporate clients who want the convenience of a chauffeur without the cost of owning or leasing a car.

5. Maintenance and Insurance package: Obviously, whenever you hire a vehicle from us, we take care of the general Maintenance and insurance for you. So, this package includes regular maintenance and insurance coverage for the duration of the rental, giving corporate clients peace of mind knowing that their rental car is well-maintained and protected.

6. Loyalty Program package: Currently, Bamm tours are running an offer of a loyalty program for corporate clients who frequently rent cars, rewarding them with discounts and other perks for their continued business.

7. 24/7 Roadside Assistance package: Whenever you hire a car from us, we offer 24/7 roadside assistance service to corporate clients in case of emergency breakdown, flat tire, or any other issues that may arise.



Customized Car Rental Package.

Customized car rental package, means that companies work with us to create a package that meets their specific needs and requirements. These packages can include options such as the type of vehicle, number of days, and additional services such as insurance, Wifi, drinking water, among other add-ons. Here are some ideas on how we can customize your car hire needs.

1. Safari Adventure package, which includes a 4×4 vehicle, camping equipment, and a suggested itinerary for exploring wildlife reserves and national parks.
2. City Tour package, which includes a 4×4 tour van with a pop-up roof and a suggested itinerary for visiting popular tourist attractions in major cities like Nairobi National park, Nakuru, and Mombasa.
3. Family Road Trip package, which includes a minivan or SUV and child safety equipment, as well as suggested routes and stops for family-friendly activities. We can also include a car seat upon request.
4. Luxury Experience package, This includes high-end luxury vehicles and additional services such as a personal driver or concierge service.
5. Self-Drive package, which includes a detailed map of the area and a GPS device to help customers navigate on their own.
6. Long-Term rental package, which includes discounts and special offers for customers who rent vehicles for extended periods of time.
7. One-way rental package, which allows customers to pick up a vehicle in one location and drop it off in another, with no additional fees.
8. Group rental package, which offers discounts for large groups or organizations that need to rent multiple vehicles at once.


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