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Are you looking for the best Toyota Land Cruiser for hire in Kenya? Look no more. In fact, end your online search here and now! Pick up your phone and hit our dials now!

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Rent a Land Cruiser in Nairobi Kenya.

When it comes to Safari Tours in Kenya, there is nothing closer to the Toyota Land Cruiser performance! It has been tested for the African roads and you’ll get through any terrain. Of course, Kenyan safaris such as through the African Savannahs are rough roads on steroids. As such you need a ride that is comfortable enough to get you through the rough terrain.

Therefore, think of the Toyota Land Cruiser for hire in Kenya on your next tour. The japs have mastered the African safaris terrain through the Land Cruiser for hire in Nairobi Kenya. The good thing about it is that Bamm Tours and Safaris Limited offer such convenience.


The Best Toyota Land Cruisers for Hire in Kenya.

Popular-Kenya-Tour-SafarisIn an actual sense, you do not have to own the land cruiser for hire in Kenya, we will take care of that. We manage a fleet of close to a dozen land cruisers which means there is one for everyone.

Our offering is well structured to suit the needs of anyone looking for a land cruiser for hire, rent, or lease, on a long-term basis. These machines are quite reliable in long-distance escapades. Many a hundred thousand stories have been told using these machines. In addition, to hiring out land cruisers for hire in Kenya, we offer great tour packages.

Your Best Tour Company in Kenya manages the best Tourist vehicles for rental. Whether you need the basic Toyota Hiace Tour Van, The Best Land Cruisers, or the Overland Trucks. All are available at your request.

Price of Hiring a Land Cruiser to Nairobi National Park.

In fact, it doesn’t matter where you are going. For instance the Nairobi National Park. This is actually the most popular tourist attraction in Kenya. People keep on asking us; How much does it cost to hire a Land Cruiser safari van to Nairobi National Park game drive?

It only costs $200 to hire the 7-seater Toyota Land Cruiser For the Nairobi National Park. Of course, the cost includes the van hire, park fees for the driver and the van, and fuel.

Landcruiser for hire in Nairobi.

Land Cruiser Rent Per DayThe good thing about the Land Cruisers for hire in Nairobi Kenya we offer is stability and tested resolve. We could go all out on how they displayed heroism in one of the tours but we’d rather you test them yourselves. These machines are available throughout the year.

By the way, we stock various types of Land Cruisers for rental purposes. For instance, a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX 150 and the Toyota Land Cruiser V8. Both units are available for hire on self-drive as well as Car Hire with a driver. For those asking how much does it cost to hire a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado? It is $150 Per day with a driver excluding fuel. The cost of hiring a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 is $250 with a driver excluding fuel in Nairobi. See, our rates are very affordable when renting the Land Cruisers.

The process of hiring one of the best Land Cruisers for hire in Kenya is quite simple. Simply enter your details on the following form and we will get back to you in 20 Mins.

Safari Vehicles For Hire In Kenya.

Land Cruiser For Hire Nairobi KenyaWe’ve made it easy through our website or phone numbers. If you planning to take a group on a safari or you and your friends plan to then hire a Land Cruiser for hire Kenya is your best bet. Additionally, we will make your journey as comfortable as possible! Bamm Tours and Safaris Limited have perfected the art of hiring the best vehicles. We will bring our driver/tour guide along to ensure you get the best in your tours.

Whether you would like to take a safari to Masai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo, Samburu, or Chalbi Desert Safari. We will get you our affordable and cheap Land cruisers for hire.

What’s more, we have offices all over Kenya to enable you to get a Land Cruiser near you. In other words, we not only have Cruisers for hire in Nairobi, but also in Nakuru, Cruisers for hire in Eldoret, Cruisers for hire in Nanyuki, Cruisers for hire in Kisumu, and finally, Cruisers for hire in Mombasa.

4X4 Wheel Drive Car Hire in Nairobi Kenya.

How much does it cost to hire a Cruiser in Kenya_Whenever you think of hiring a vehicle that can handle African terrain, always think of the Toyota Land Cruiser for Hire in Kenya. This vehicle is capable of tackling both rough terrain and muddy cotton soil in Kenya. Kenyans normally prefer it as a Tour or a Safari Van for hire in Kenya though if you need a lesser tour van for hire in Kenya, you can find one here

Our Luxury SUV 4×4 cars available for hire in Kenya include Tx Prado, Toyota V8, and the Range Rover. Whenever you hire any of the 4-wheel drive cars from Bamm Tours, your journey is at least,  guaranteed since you will be able to access most of the unpassable spots. Therefore, when looking forward to leasing a vehicle for safaris or the Northern part of Kenya, you can consider hiring a Cruiser.


Affordable Land Cruiser Rental Price Per Day.

Basically, one of the frequently asked questions every day is; how much do we charge for Toyota Land Cruiser Tour Van rent per day in Nairobi Kenya? Here’s the answer. During the low season, the price of hiring a Toyota Land Cruiser Tour Van is $250 or KES25,000/- while during the Peak Season, The rental price of a Toyota Land Cruiser Safari van is $300 or KES35,000/- and sometimes it can go even as high as $400 or KES40,000/-.

The cost depends on the time that you are booking. Of course, the price above includes the van hire, fuel, and drivers or Tour guide charges per day as well as his park entrance fee plus that of the van.


Best Vehicles For Hire in Nairobi.

Bamm Tours is one of the best vehicle hire companies in Nairobi. Whether you need to hire a vehicle with a driver within or outside Nairobi. Also, if you need self-drive cars for either short-term or long-term car hire basis. We are the right people to hook you up to our best vehicle hires in Nairobi.

Of course, we stock a wide range of cars as you can see on our website. From Salon cars, 7 seater vans, Mini SUVs, 4by4s, luxurious cars for hire, wedding and bridal cars for hire, 22 seaters, 33 seaters, 44 seaters, and 51 seater Buses for your corporate and family hire.

Definitely, we have the right cars for all occasions. Always get in touch with us any time of the day.

Other Types of vehicles that we have in Nairobi for Safari uses.

1. Tour Van for hire in Kenya.

Tour Van for hire in Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Mombasa, Kenya.Of course, when we talk of Toyota Land Cruiser hire in Kenya, we are talking of the safari or tour van vehicle for hire in Kenya. Obviously, the land cruiser is both the best and most luxurious tour van as compared to the Toyota Hiace tour van for hire in Kenya. I know both are used as safari vehicles but the difference is very well notable.

The cruiser is able to navigate in both Rainy/ muddy terrain as well as dry and rocky ones. While the latter minimizes the game drives. However, your holiday budget is the one that really determines the type of vehicle available to you.


2. V8 For Hire.

V8 for hire NairobiAlongside the safari Toyota Land Cruiser hire Kenya, we too stock a wide range of Toyota Land Cruiser V8 in our garage. Most people hire it for weddings in Nairobi. However, that does not mean that you cannot use it for your corporate or personal use as well as for airport transfers. Bamm Tours ensures that you can get any type of vehicle that you would like.

A Toyota V8 for hire comprises a luxury 4WD SUV car hire solution. Of course, our price of renting the V8 is affordable, $250 per day. So, if you need an Off-road vehicle to hire for you to explore Kenya, you can consider the Land Cruiser V8 from Bamm Tours.

Therefore, always contact us for any type of vehicle that you need for any occasion and we will be glad to help you out. Welcome.


3. 14 Seater Van for Hire in Nairobi.

Best 14 Seater Private Matatu Van Hire Nairobi Mombasa KenyaNormally, whenever a group of people exceeds 8, and they want to travel together in one vehicle, we recommend the use of a 14-seater van for hire in Nairobi. Of which, I definitely, have several of them!

So, next time you need to travel as a group of fewer than 14 passengers, always get in touch and we will link you up with one of the best 14-seater private and luxurious vans for hire.


Vehicle Leasing Services in Kenya.

Whether you refer to the Toyota Land Cruiser Hire Kenya as either a safari van or a tour van, it’s one and the same thing. You are assured of completing your safari or journies safely and comfortably. As our mantra reads, our job is to make sure you travel to East Africa safely, conveniently, and affordable in East Africa! This is what you get by choosing to travel in a Toyota Land Cruiser safari van for hire in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, and Kisumu in Kenya.

It’s only Bamm Tours that has Cheap Toyota land Cruisers for hire Prices in Kenya. Get in touch with us today.




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