14 Seater Van for hire in Mombasa

14 seater Van for hire Nairobi Mombasa Kenya

Are you looking online for a reliable tour company in Kenya to get a 14-seater van for hire in Mombasa Kenya? Well, look no further since Bamm Tours and Safaris sort you.

Simply pick up your phone and hit our dials: 0743142615 //0754 004 003// 0712004003. Email us at info@bammtours.co.ke. And we will be happy to help you get one!


Vans for hire Mombasa.

Matatu For Hire Nairobi Mombasa KenyaSimilarly, whichever type of van for hire you are looking for in Mombasa, we have it just for you! For example, a seven-seater van for hire Mombasa, such as A Toyota Noah or Voxy for hire Mombasa, Toyota Alphard or Vellfire for hire Mombasa, Tour van or Toyota Land Cruiser safari van for hire Mombasa. Therefore, we have the above vans alongside the 14-seater van for hire in Mombasa.

What’s more, we provide cheap vans for rental in Mombasa. Whether you need your travelers to be picked up from the Airport and dropped off at a hotel, we have the right solutions.

Also, if you need a van for Mombasa excursions or city tours, our vans are driven by well-experienced tour guides. Our Tour guides will show you around the main tourist attraction centers in Mombasa, Diani, Watamu, Kilifi, and Malindi. By the way, you can use our sister company, Baecation Adventures Kenya, to book your holidays in Mombasa.


Tour Van Rental Prices.

Price of hiring a 14 Seater Van in Nairobi Mombasa Kenya.Cost of hiring a 14 seater Van in Nairobi Mombasa KenyaOf course, different types of tour vans cost differently. For instance, a 7 seater tour van going to a National Park for a safari will cost differently from a 14 seater van going to a family or corporate function. However, we’ve tried to standardize the pricing for a uniform minimum charge.

Similarly, both a Tour Van and a 14 seater van for hire Mombasa prices range from KES18,000/- Per day. Of course, a short trip like SGR or airport transfers costs less. Always get in touch with us for quotations for your location.

You can get very good rates when leasing our vans for extended periods. Especially for organizations that hire expatriates. Since an organization may need its staff to be ferried to and from a site anywhere in Kenya. Typically, we have reasonable rates for long-term van leases in Mombasa. Please get in touch for such inquiries.


Van for hire with driver.

By the way, we need to insist that all our vans for hire, including a 14-passenger van for hire in Mombasa, are strictly chauffeur-driven. In other words, you hire them with the driver and not as self-drive. Majorly this is because the vans are Tourist Service Vehicles (TSVs), and the law, NTSA, requires only qualified tour operators to drive them! However, the only vans that we can give on self-drives are either Toyota Voxy or Noah.


Mombasa 10-seater van is available for hire in the coastal city.

10 Seater Private Van for hire Nairobi, Mombasa, Kenya.Sometimes, customers would be inquiring about a 10-seater van for hire instead. But, every time customers exceed 8 passengers, we recommend the use of a 14-seater van for hire Mombasa. This is because we do not have any other less-seater van than a fourteen-seater private matatu van for rent in Mombasa. So, even the cost is the same. 9-seater van for hire in Mombasa City.

Equally, this is another inquiry that we always get every day. Therefore, as discussed above, we always advise customers to go for a 14-seater van for hire in Mombasa anytime they exceed 7 passengers.

Tour Vans for hire in Kenya.

Traditionally, Mombasa is a tourist town; guests fly or sail into it anytime. Equally, they would want to visit National parks such as Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks. So, we always get inquiries about how to hire tourist vans in Mombasa.

In this category, we have 2 types of tour vans for hire in Mombasa. Namely, the Toyota Hiace tour van and Toyota Land Cruiser safari van for hire in Mombasa. You can always get whatever one you would like from us, anytime.

Rent a van in Mombasa Coastal City.

Other times, guests would use the name rent rather than hire. Whichever way you would want to pronounce or spell it, we understand you. Whether you say you need to rent a van in Mombasa or you need a 14-seater van for hire in Mombasa, we understand you. Our 14-passenger Minivan Rental in Mombasa services are top-notch. Therefore, always get in touch with us whenever you are looking for a 14-person Van for Rent in Mombasa.


Buses for hire Mombasa Kenya.

We often get requests from clients looking for a bus to hire in Mombasa. Luckily, we have them in stock! Both 22 seater Toyota Coaster buses for hire Mombasa and Rosa buses for hire Mombasa. We also have 33 seater Isuzu buses in Mombasa as well as the 35 seater executive buses for rent.

This is the preferred type of bus to travel with while in Mombasa. We recommend using buses whenever customers exceed 14 passengers that a 14-seater van for hire in Mombasa cannot accommodate. Obviously, the comfort and luxury of both vehicles are incomparable!


Toyota Alphard for hire Mombasa.

Typically, when you have 14 passengers, we can split them to use 2 of our Toyota Alphard for hire instead of a 14-passenger Van for Rent in Mombasa. Verily, Toyota Alphard or Vellfire for hire Mombasa offers unbeaten comfort and luxury. Therefore, we regard these vehicles as both Luxury and executive means of transportation. Whether you need it for a full day or just an airport transfer, we will book one for you!

Similarly, you can use the Alphard or Vellfire for your family Holiday Vacation and your corporate functions. Always reach out to our office for recommendations, pricing, and availability.



Matatu for hire in Mombasa.

Best 14 Seater Van for hire in Nairobi, Mombasa Kenya.Kenyans sometimes refer to the 14-seater van as a Matatu for hiring Mombasa. This is because the normal local public transportation is usually limited to 14 passengers. However, this does not suggest that we operate like the local Matatu way.

Our Mombasa 14-seater Minibus Rental are, therefore, private, clean, luxurious, and comfortable, unlike the Matatus. Moreover, the 14 seater vans for rent are subject to tourist laws under TRA than the matatus. Additionally, our drivers are well-experienced professionals who are known as tour guides.


Mombasa Airport Transfer Services.

By the way, you can use our Mombasa 14-passenger Van Hire as an SGR or airport transfer vehicle to or from your hotel. Actually, this has been made possible since the introduction of the new SGR station in Miritini. We take guests from Nairobi and equally organize their pick-up once they get to Mombasa station. Conclusively, whichever type of van you need, always talk to us; we have the right solutions for you!



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