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Are you looking online for a reliable Car hire company in Nairobi for a Toyota Vanguard for hire? Well, look no further than here.

Hit our dials, 0712004003 /0754 004 003/0743142615 now. You can also Email us at We will be glad to serve you!

The Price of Renting a Toyota Vanguard in Nairobi.

Typically, the price of hiring any type of cross-over car in Nairobi is KES10,000/- or $100 per day. This price includes the cost of the car and the driver but excludes fuel. Crossover cars/ Mini SUVs or Mid-size SUVs consist of a Toyota Rav4, Toyota Vanguard, Nissan Xtrail, Mazda CX5, and Honda CRV, not forgetting the Toyota Harrier.

Luckily, we have all the above cars in stock just for you!

Apparently, Bamm Tours is the best car hire company to get Toyota Vanguard from. As mentioned above, we stock a wide range of vehicles well well-maintained and in good condition. Whether you are looking for short-term hire or long-term, Self-driving or chauffeured, we have the best car hire services just for you!

Simply talk to us today, and we will gladly serve you.


The Best Car Rental Company in Nairobi, Kenya.

Indeed, many people will hire the Toyota Vanguard from Bamm Tours and elsewhere. However, we’d love all of them to get them from us [insert smiling emoji]. We are always happy to render great services to the people of Kenya. You are spoilt for the choice between getting a Toyota Rav 4 or a Vanguard. Over the years, we have been continuously voted as the best car hire company in Nairobi. Surprisingly, we do not know how it happens. But that’s the truth of the matter. Try us out today and experience first-hand information for yourself.

One of the things that make us stand out is the quality of the vehicles that we maintain. Secondly, there is a seamless process of hiring vehicles. Thirdly, our prices are pocket-friendly.



Nairobi Car hire with a Driver.

Vanguard for hireOne of our best services is Nairobi car hire with a driver. Yes, you heard me right. We offer quality chauffeured services even with a Toyota Vanguard for hire in Kenya, as well as, with other cars.

For example, Toyota Prado for hire, Toyota Land Cruiser V8, Tour Vans for hire, and Safari Land Cruiser. Additionally, we have various types of buses for hire in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, and Eldoret; Rosa buses, Coaster Buses for hire, 33 seater buses, 44 seater buses, and 50 Seater Buses amongst other types.

Secondly, we offer other services such as airport transfers, whether Jomo Kenyatta Airport or Wilson Airport. We organize your transportation whether in a salon car, Mini SUV, 4×4 car hire, Luxurious cars for hire like a Toyota V8, Range Rover, Limousine, Convertible cars for hire Nairobi, and Mercedes Benz.



Toyota Vanguard Rental Services in Kenya.

Bamm Tours is your go to car rental company whenever you are in need of the best car rental service. With the Vanguard Car rental, we have the best long-term car rental deals for expatriates living and working in Kenya. Always talk to us whenever you need to lease a vehicle for a few months or years.

1. Vanguard for Rent in Nairobi, Kenya.

Nairobi Vanguard Hire KenyaOccasionally, depending on where you hail from, you would search for Vanguard for Hire Kenya or Rental Kenya. Either way, we understand your language. Therefore, if you want a Toyota Vanguard for rent in Kenya, get it from Bamm Tours. We have been in this industry for some time and have learned a thing or two.

A car that moves masses in the proper motion is worth trying. This vehicle is no other than the Toyota Vanguard for Hire Kenya. It is an elegantly shaped vehicle with high performance on passenger carriage and speed.

There are several reasons anybody would want to get it from Bamm Tours, including comfortability, excellent performance, and the zeal to offer the best. We at Bamm Tours offer Mini SUVs and other vehicles to all clients in need.

2. Toyota Vanguard for hire near Kiambu Road.

Usually, we serve many customers across Nairobi. However, we find ourselves championing those who live near Kiambu Road. Of course, this is the same avenue where we hold our office. So, next time you are looking for a Toyota Vanguard for hire in Kenya, and you reside close to Kiambu Road, simply get in touch. We will serve you very speedily, conveniently, and timely.




Undoubtedly, Bamm Tours is your best car hire company for SUVs and all other types of cars. Needless to say, we have different types of SUV cars that are available for rental. Some of these cars include both the Mini SUVs and the Full-size SUVS.

We will discuss a few of them below.


1. Toyota Rav4 For Hire Nairobi

toyota vanguard hireThe Vanguard has a striking resemblance to the Toyota Rav 4 but differs in many ways. Toyota-built vehicles are always fun to own and drive. If you do not have one, Bamm Tours will easily hire one.

As I write this post, I realize we are in the Christmas season! During this period, a lot of people head out to their shags or Village from Nairobi city. The main reason is to celebrate with family during the Christmas season.

Now, with this vehicle, the Toyota Vanguard for Hire Kenya or the Toyota Rav4, you will have excellent off-road performance. This is because of its Four-wheel system capability and the ground clearance. Therefore, you need not worry about getting stuck while visiting all your family relatives. What’s more, it has enough truck space and is classy!

2. Toyota Harrier For Hire Nairobi.

This is to mention that other than the Rav4 or a Vanguard, we have a Toyota Harrier in stock for hire in Nairobi, Kenya. This Vehicle offers almost equally the same experience. You can have a look at it here. Toyota Harrier

Bamm Tours has all of these in their garage and is waiting for you to hire them. We offer refreshments alongside our hired vehicles. Do not hesitate to talk to us now! We will gladly hire you for a Toyota Vanguard in Nairobi, Kenya. Get the best cars for hire from Bamm Tours and Safaris.

3. Nissan X-Trail for hire In Kenya.

Similar to Vanguard for Hire in Kenya is a Nissan Xtrail for hire. As much as the functions and uses are similar, they are quite different in many ways. For example, the Xtrail is a Nissan, while the Vanguard is a Toyota. However, both of them are classified as Mini SUVs cars for hire in Nairobi and Kenya in general alongside Mazda CX5 for hire in Kenya, Toyota Harrier for hire, and Honda CRV for hire in Kenya.

4. Toyota Prado For Hire.

It’s good that we mention that we also stock Toyota Prado for hire alongside the Vanguard or a Rav4 for rent. Of course, they come in different shapes and models, such as Tx 120 or Tx150. We have them in different colours too. For example, White, Silver, or executive Black! So, the choice is yours. Bamm Tours champions in these types of vehicles, too.

Toyota Prado for rent is a full Four-by-four, 4x4WD, or SUV vehicle. Sometimes, customers would need the car for quite a long time. So, as an economist, he would consider hiring a Vanguard to save money! Consequently, he would get a chance of spending half his budget while the nature of his work is done appropriately.



You can easily hire a vehicle from us at affordable prices! Conveniently reach us through our phone numbers below.



For Bookings and Inquiries,
CALL/ SMS/ WHATSAPP: +254 712 004 003 /0754 004 003/ 0743 14 26 15

Or, visit our Offices:
Nairobi / Main office: a few meters from AAR Hospital, Ridgeways, Kiambu Road. Carman Showroom, Ground Floor, Office number 5.
JKIA Office: Terminal 2, Kairi Tours, next to Avis Car rental.

Mombasa Office: Epic Business Park, Office A33, 3rd Floor Links Rd, Mombasa.

Eldoret Office: Eldo Centre Mall, Office Number 027, Ground, Eldoret.

Nanyuki Office: Oddesey House, Office Number 1, Laikipia Road directly opposite the main entrance of Cedar Mall., Nanyuki.

Nakuru Office: Kang’ei & Nyakinyua Building, Kenyatta Avenue, Opposite Nyayo Gardens, First floor, Room 9


Reach out:

For enquiries or bookings, write to We’ll revert within 20 minutes during business hours.

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