Salon Car For hire in Mombasa.


Are you looking online for a salon car for hire in Mombasa? Well, look no further because you’ve just landed at the right place for private cars for hire.

So, simply pick up your phone and hit our dials; 0712004003 /0754 004 003/0743142615. Email us at and we will be glad to serve you!


Car hire Prices in Mombasa.

Toyota-Axio-Car-Hire-in-Nairobi-Mombasa-Nakuru-EldoretNormally, we focus on chauffeured saloon car hire or Car hire with a driver. However, with limited considerations, we can get you a self-drive option.

Basically, a salon car for hire goes for KES4,500/- per day in Mombasa, and KES8,000/- per day for a Toyota Voxy or Noah for hire in Mombasa.

Toyota Hiace for hire Mombasa or a private 14 seater matatu van for hire Mombasa is as from KES18,000/-. while the Toyota Prado for hire in Mombasa is KES18,000/- per day with a driver excluding fuel.

Finally, the Toyota Coaster bus for hire in Mombasa starts from KES12,000/- for an airport transfer to KES20,000/- per day within Mombasa city use.

Cheap Car Hire in Mombasa Kenya.

Ultimately, Bamm Tours is the only place where you can get cheap or affordable car hire services in Mombasa. Consequently, you should never worry about the pricing whenever you are dealing with us. Actually, Hatchback cars for hire in Mombasa are the cheapest, followed by a salon car for hire in Mombasa Kenya.



Car Hire Companies in Mombasa.

Basically, Bamm Tours is one of the best car hire companies in Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Nanyuki, and Eldoret. Of course, when it comes to hiring a car with a driver! Normally, our fleet consists of salon cars, vans, 4×4 vehicles for hire in Mombasa, and Buses for hire in Mombasa. So, you always have options to choose from while dealing with us.


Self-drive Car hire in Mombasa.

Toyota-Premio-Car-Hire-in-Nairobi-Mombasa-Nakuru-EldoretObviously, we would consider a self-drive car hire in Mombasa for a salon car hire in Mombasa, upon verification. In other words, management reserves the right to hire a customer for a vehicle on a self-drive basis.

This means we require either your details or corporate information too. You can read our terms and conditions here too.


Car hire Mombasa Nyali.

Normally, most of our major clientele hails from the Nyali estate. Whether you work, live or have visited Mombasa, the Nyali location is obviously the best to spend your holiday at. Equally, whenever you need a salon car for hire in Mombasa while you are in Nyali, always get it from us.


7 seater Car hire in Mombasa.

Toyota-Noah-Car-Hire-in-Nairobi-Mombasa-Nakuru-EldoretOf course, one of the most preferred vehicles for hire in Mombasa is a seven-seater van. Namely, Toyota Noah for hire Mombasa, Toyota Voxy for hire Mombasa, Toyota Alphard for hire Mombasa, Toyota Vellfire for hire Mombasa, Tour Van for hire Mombasa, and Toyota Land Cruiser for hire Mombasa. Therefore, whenever you are looking for any type of van for hire in Mombasa, always get it from us.


Car hire in Mombasa International Airport.

Similarly, Bamm Tours is your preferred car hire company to go to whenever you need airport transfer services in Mombasa, Moi International Airport. Here, you get to hire either a Toyota Fielder or Axio specifically for you.

Additionally, you can hire a 7 seater van for hire cars such as Toyota Noah for hire Mombasa or Toyota Voxy for hire Mombasa.

Also, if you need a luxurious or executive seven-seater van for hire in Mombasa City, why not think of either a Toyota Alphard or a Toyota Vellfire for hire Mombasa?


Hire a Car with a Driver in Mombasa Kenya.

Toyota-Wish-Car-Hire-in-Nairobi-Mombasa-Nakuru-EldoretTypically, if you are visiting Mombasa, especially for the very first time, the best mode of commuting will be using a salon car hire in Mombasa with a driver. Of course, there are very many advantages of hiring a car with a driver in Mombasa.

For example, the drivers know Mombasa town very well and therefore they will navigate smoothly making sure you are not late for your appointments. Secondly, why worry about the police roadblocks and Matatu’s careless driving?

Conclusively, you get to focus on your business while enjoying the comfort of a back left seat! Talk of Money working for you!

Why hire salon cars for hire in Mombasa city?

Below are various uses of a salon car for hire in Mombasa.

  1. Mombasa Airport Transfers services.
  2. Wedding car hire.
  3. Day Disposal for Business meetings.
  4. Mombasa Sightseeing.



Car Rental in Kenya.

Basically, Bamm Tours is your run-to-car rental company whenever you need to hire a car anywhere in Kenya. Our offices are widespread in Kenya to ensure that you can get the vehicle for rent anywhere you need it.

For example, Car rental in Nakuru. We also have salon car hire in Eldoret, salon car hire in Kisumu, salon car rental in Nanyuki, In Kisumu, and Finally Salon car hire in Nairobi.

Other Types of vehicles available for hire in Mombasa Kenya.

1. Toyota Noah For Hire Mombasa Kenya.

Sometimes, the number of people travelling at a given time may be more than 4 passengers. Whenever that happens, as the best car hire company, we recommend the use of either a Toyota Noah for hire Mombasa or a Toyota Voxy for hire Mombasa. The vans are seven-seater and have functional air conditions, reclining seats, and extra room for your luggage. What’s more, they are affordable, cheap and pocket-friendly.

Additionally, alongside salon car hire Mombasa, we have either Toyota Alphard or Toyota Vellfire for hire too available just for you. Lastly, we have 14 seater vans for hire in Mombasa available for you at your request.


2. Toyota Prado for Hire in Mombasa Kenya.

Toyota-Cars-For-Hire-or-rent-in-Nairobi-Mombasa-Nakuru-Eldoret-KenyaOccasionally, you may want to travel executively. Whenever that happens, we can get you a nice 4 by-4 full-size car hire type such as the latest Toyota Prado TX150 for hire in Mombasa. Definitely, this vehicle has a statement of who you are while travelling in it. Equally, it combines both the class and 4×4 compatibility all in one.

So, instead of getting a salon car hire in Mombasa, you can equally get the Prado for hire. Actually, the car is suitable for airport transfers in Mombasa, wedding cars for hire in Mombasa, VIP, executive or Luxurious cars for hire in Mombasa. Always contact us for more details, availability, and bookings

3. 14-Seater Van For Hire in Mombasa.

Another common type of vehicles that are available in Mombasa is the Toyota Hiace Private Matatu 14-seater van. The van comes in handy when you need to travel in one vehicle as a group bigger than 7 passengers. Of course, we have the option of using two seven-seater vans. But it’s economical to just travel in one vehicle.

4. Safari Tour vans for hire in Mombasa.

SUV-Hire-in-Nairobi-Mombasa-Nakuru-EldoretGenerally, in Mombasa, we have two types of safari vans for hire. Namely, the Toyota Hiace Tour vans and Toyota Land Cruiser Safari van. These vans come in handy whenever a group of people wants to experience a Safari from Mombasa.

For example, we have daily departures from Mombasa to Tsavo National Park or Shiba Hills. This experience is made possible by hiring either the 8 seater Toyota Hiace Van or the 7-seater Toyota Safari van.


5. 22 Seater Toyota Coaster Bus For Hire in Mombasa.

Toyota-Coaster-Bus-Hire-in-Nairobi-Mombasa-Nakuru-EldoretFinally, we have a wide array of buses for hire available just for you. Among the best buses for hire include a Toyota Coaster or Rosa bus for hire in Mombasa. Alternatively, referred to as a Mitsubishi Rosa 22 Seater bus for hire in Mombasa.

It has a capacity of 22 to 28 passengers. Additionally, we have a 33-seater bus for hire in Mombasa too. So, your team, family, and your colleagues need not get stranded at all when you have us.






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