Family Car for hire Kenya

Luxury Family car hire in Kenya

Family Car for Hire Kenya.

Are you looking online for the best car hire company in Nairobi to get a family car for hire in Kenya? Well, worry no more because with Bamm Tours you are fully sorted. Tell us the number of people in your family, where you need to visit, and your daily budget. We will take care of the rest. Talk to us today. CALL/SMS/WHATSAPP: 0712004003/0743142615/0754004003. Email us at Our team of experts will be glad to help you.


Prices for Hiring Family Cars.

Normally, various types of cars for hire in Nairobi costs differently. Secondly, it matters whether you will be hiring the family car on a self-drive basis or a chauffeured basis. In other words, a car hire with a driver. Therefore, to answer this question, how much does it cost to hire a family-friendly car in Nairobi Kenya, we will need to understand several factors.

As usual, always check out with us by filling in its form.


Cheap Family car hire in Kenya.

Undoubtedly, Bamm Tours offers the best and cheapest family car hire services all year round. To us, it doesn’t matter which type of car that you are looking for. Most likely, Our rates will fall on your budget since they are pocket-friendly. What’s more, we understand that whenever you are looking for a family car for hire, you are obviously looking for a spacious car that will fit all your family members.

Whether you are looking to go on a vacation, to attend a family function, for a day, weeks or months, always tell us. Sometimes, you may need to visit your inlaws for an uthoni or dowry negotiations. Other times, it’s during the sad days that you need to bury a family member. Whichever the need, we will get you a cheap family car hire solution.


Best Family Cars for hire in Kenya.

In as much as we have all types of fleets available for your rental, there are obviously the best family cars for hire in Kenya. For example, a Toyota Noah or Toyota Voxy, Toyota Alphard, and Toyota Vellfire. This minivan is suitable for a family that does not exceed 7 passengers, and not going off-road terrain roads. Luckily, it’s available on a self-drive basis.

Another type of the best family-friendly car hire is the Toyota Prado TX150, not to forget the Midsize 4×4 SUVs such as the Toyota Rav4 and Toyota Vanguard. When transporting the nuclear family, you may consider hiring our 14-seater private vans for hire, 22-seater Coaster buses, or even our 51 buses for hire in Kenya.


Luxury Family cars for hire in Kenya.

When you talk of luxury family-sized cars for hire, most likely you are referring to either a Toyota Prado Tx150 or a Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 V8 for hire. These two are the most commonly used luxury family cars but that’s not to say that they are the only ones. Range Rover Sport, Vellar, and House are also popular ones.

For bigger families, we may opt to rent a Mercedes Benz bus such as the 29-seater, 33-seater, and 39-seater buses. These are majorly used to transport large family groups to either a burial or funeral, a wedding or a dowry family function. You can hire them on their behalf whether you want to use them within Kenya, East Africa or even South Africa regions.

Cheapest car rental services in Nairobi.


Kenya Family-Friendly Car Hire.

Generally, Bamm Tours is the best car rental company in Kenya that you can rely on for the best family-friendly vehicle hire services. From small families to medium and big families, we have a solution for each. Also, whether you need the car for vacations or holidays, safaris, sightseeing, or visiting the village (upcountry), we will get you one.

Please talk to us today as we propose to listen and advise on the best car rental services possible, that fall within your budget.



7 seater car hire in Nairobi.

As I had earlier mentioned before, one of the most popular family car hires in Kenya is a 7-seater minivan Toyota Voxy. It is also referred to as Toyota Noah, Nissan Serena, or Honda Stepwagon. By the way, both the tourist vans for hire such as the Toyota Hiace Tour Van and Toyota Land Cruiser Safari van fall under 7 seater category.

The main advantage of hiring the Tourists vans is that they can access your upcountry which has bad terrain. Either during the rainy season or on bad rocky roads. Similarly, if you are looking for the best, spacious family-sized vehicle rentals in Kenya to go to Masai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo, or Samburu, please talk to us now.


Rent a Family car in Kenya.

Many people always ask me how to rent a family car in Kenya. The process is the same whether you are an individual or a corporate organisation. First, we need to understand your needs. We are able to achieve this once you fill-up the car hire form. Lastly, we recommend the best hires for you! Finally, you see yourself on the road driving the best family car for hire in Kenya!


Game Drive Car Hire in Kenya.

Similarly, a family may opt to do a memorable game drive in any of Kenya’s popular parks such as Nairobi, Masai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo, Samburu, etc. Equally, they can rely on the best tour company to provide them with our game drive car hire. Also known as Tourist car hires or Safari Tour vans. They comprise the Toyota Hiace Tour Van, the Toyota Land Cruiser Safari van, and the Overland Trucks.


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