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If you have gotten us through the Google search engine, then know that you are at the right place for an Overland truck for hire in Nairobi Kenya. You see, we have been hiring out this tour bus for quite some time now. This means, that we have joined all the dots to make sure your safari is smooth and enjoyable.

So, hit our dials Call, SMS, WhatsApp: 0712004003 // 0754 004 003// 0743142615. Email us at Info@bammtours.co.ke. and we will be happy to serve you!


Overland Buses for hire in Kenya.

Overland buses for hire KenyaBasically, there are different models of Overland truck hire Nairobi types. For instance, we have a Scania truck, a Mercedes truck, and Isuzu. All of them are professionally customized with tourists in mind of the engineer.

Additionally, we have added the kitchen department to the truck. Thirdly we have tented camps alongside the bus. Meaning, that if you hire the bus from us, you need not worry about the accommodation or meals.

Did I mention that in the buses category, we have various buses available for hire, such as 22-seater coaster buses, 33 and 44-seater buses for hire, and finally the 50-seater bus? I thought you should know!


Best Overland Trucks for hire in Kenya.

Overland truck in KenyaAs much as we have been here for some time, the Overland truck business in Kenya has been on the rise since the Coronavirus hit the world with a shock. Initially, people were worried about sleeping in public hotels. But with the Overland for hire Nairobi, you sleep next tour vehicle in your own sanitized camping gear.

Equally, food is also prepared by a chef who has tested negative for covid 19. Overland trucks for hire in Kenya use are slowly rising as compared to the last few years. In fact, it is becoming more common, day by day. You should take advantage too.


Tracks for hire in Nairobi.

My friend doesn’t worry about my spelling mistakes while writing this, because he’s fallen victim to the same, severally. Anyway, whether you need a track for hire in Nairobi or a Truck for hire in Nairobi, simply get it from us.

Some people also refer them to as; Overland Truck in Kenya, Nairobi Overland Truck Rental, Overland Vehicle Rental Nairobi. Others; Nairobi Expedition Truck Hire, Nairobi Off-Road Truck Rental, or Nairobi Safari Truck for Rent.

Lastly, the rest refer it to;  Nairobi 4×4 Truck Rental, Nairobi Adventure Truck Hire, or Nairobi Campervan Rental. Either way, we understand their request.


Overland Trucks for hire in Kenya.

Generally, our Overland truck hire in Nairobi not only travels within Kenya but also outside Kenya to other countries such as the East Africa Region. Other countries that we serve include South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Ethiopia, and Malawi. So, whenever you are hiring from us, feel free to travel anywhere in Africa with our Overland Buses.

Of course, they come fitted with Tents and cooking utensils, so you don’t have to worry about which hotel to spend on your accommodation. What’s more, it has fitted the mobile bathing facilities!

Overlanding Kenya.

Overlanding tours have been very common, especially for groups of people willing to travel together in one safari vehicle. Normally, when you hire our tour vans and land cruisers, they both carry a maximum of 7-8 Passengers. Therefore, if you have a larger group, you go for the Overland-for-hire Nairobi Kenya. The Overland bus carries about 20 – 35 Passengers.

What we like most about this is the comfort of the seats. It is fitted with conferences like seats and a table, for that reason. Other seats are reclinable to make you comfortable for long-distance travel.


Tour Truck Near Me.

By the way, it really does not matter whether you live in Nairobi or outside. You can always get a Tour Truck for hire from any county in Kenya. Whether you are in Nakuru, Nanyuki, or Machakos, for instance, we will come for you and take you to your destination.

For other counties that are far off Nairobi, We recommend leaving a day earlier and heading back a day after. Counties such as Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu, and Meru amongst others. conclusively, there’s always a Tour truck for hire near me.

Hire a Truck.


overland for hire NairobiRecently, we received a request from a Kenyan who lives and works in Namibia. He had a wedding ceremony and he needed his family and inlaws to attend. Do you know what he did? Your guess is as good as mine. He called us to hire a truck from us. And we did it graciously.

The family members could not end up telling stories about a successful cross-country safari that they just had, courtesy of our services. You should try that too.

Cheap Overland Truck hire in Nairobi

Our Overland trucks for hire are either 17-seater, 22-seater Overland Trucks or 35-seater overland buses. Of course, the hiring charges per day depend on the number of seats as well as the duration of the hire. lastly to where? For example, it will cost KES55,000/-, KES60,000/-, and KES65,000/- for the 17, 22, and 35 seaters respectively. The price is per day which includes fuel and driver’s allowances.

Please note that the prices keep on changing with the increase in the cost of fuel and generally the higher cost of living.

Isuzu Overland Truck.

Most Kenyans, mostly ask online for an Isuzu Overland truck for hire. Fortunately, we do have some Isuzu Overland Trucks available for hire just for you. However, we too have Scania and Mercedes Overland trucks for rental. You can check both our Scania bus and Truck hire Kenya, as well as the Mercedes Benz vehicles for hire in Kenya herein.

Undoubtedly, they are the best we’ve ever had or operated. Their maintenance cost is low, they are handy and most of all, very reliable means of transportation.


Kenya Overland Trip Tours.

Nowadays, it is prevalent for Kenyans to go for tours using an Overland truck for hire. Therefore, there are usually many groups found online advertising for an overland trip. Either 2 days trips within Kenya, or a  Cross country of 2 or more nations. In other words, if you are looking for Kenya Overland tour packages, we can hook you up with one tour operator.

Similarly, you can hire our Overland Trucks for 1 day tour, for instance, to Nairobi National Park. Also, you can hire more than one Overland Truck from us.

Lorries for hire in Nairobi.

Apparently, as a transportation company, we also offer Lorry hire services. So, next time you need to move some items from Nairobi or to any county, kindly consider using our platform. We have a team of reliable personnel for all your Lorries for hire in Nairobi. The lorries range from a small 2 tonnes pick up, 5 tonnes mid-range lorry, 8 tonnes to container carrying Trailers. We either have a Mitsubishi FRR lorry for hire available or a Mitsubishi FH lorry for hire.

Obviously, Lorries can be used for various needs such as; Office Moving transportation and agricultural or Construction materials movements. We have various types of Lorries for hire such as Refrigerated trucks for hire, Tipper lorries for hire, Abnormal load, low loaders, and Cargo Container lorries for hire.



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