How to Hire a Car amidst the corona crisis

car hire corona times

Car Hire Kenya during Corona Times

Do you want to book travel without losing money during corona times? It’s good to keep track of your favorite airline’s cancellation policies. This also extends to car hire Kenya and hotels as well. When you plan accordingly you save yourself from trouble.

As far as car hire Nairobi Kenya is concerned Bamm Tours and safaris Got you covered!

What happens when car hire Kenya, hotels and airlines are canceled?

When you wish to make a car hire Kenya or hotel booking ensure that you go with postpaid. This means that you should pay for your booking later instead of paying in advance. This saves you some money because a prepaid might not have a cancellation policy.

The airline cancellation policies

tour van for hire Nairobi
Tour Van For Hire

Of course, the Corona Virus has affected airlines and car hire Kenya business too. For the domestic and international flights, you could get a discount of sort on specific charges.

However, it’s good to note that these discounts are only available for a period probably up to the date everything is back in order

Also, most airlines are not offering refunds but rather credits for use later on. But it’s advisable to confirm with specific airlines because they have different policies.

Hotel cancellation policies affected by coronavirus

Alphard rent Nairobi
Alphard rent Nairobi

Just like in airline and car hire Kenya cancellations it’s good to confirm with each hotel. Some have different policies from others. Of course, hotels are being lenient on customers because of the coronavirus outbreak. Hotel booking cancellation has been softened as well to ensure people are not adversely affected by the outbreak.

Even as we wait for the Corona outbreak to be controlled we hope that business will resume normalcy as soon as possible. Bamm tours and safaris, a car hire Nairobi Kenya company is still offering some of the best car hire rates.

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