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Are you looking online for a reliable canter truck for hire in Nairobi Kenya today? Well, worry no more because you’ve just landed at the right place for a small canter truck rental service. Whether you are looking to hire it for an entire day, a few hours, within or outside Nairobi, we will get one for you.

Simply Call/SMS/Whatsapp; 0712004003/ 0743142615/ 0754004003. Email us at We will be glad to help you.


Mitsubishi Canter truck for hire in Nairobi.

Bamm Tours stocks the best Mitsubishi canter trucks for hire in Nairobi Kenya. Whether you need the canter to transport your home, office or construction goods, we will do it on your behalf. Let us get rid of the stress involved in organising transport hire services within Nairobi.

Have our reliable team of loaders and drivers take care of all your transportation needs in Nairobi. Our fleet of Lorries available for hire ranges from single cab pickups, double cabs, Cargo container trailers, Tipper trucks, etc.

Small Canter Truck for hire in Nairobi.

Sometimes, you may just need to move light luggage or cargo from either office, home or industrial area. That’s when hiring a small canter truck comes in handy. Our canter trucks are affordable and available any time of the day. We can rent them to you for a few hours or days. Normally, they range from 3.5 tonnes to 5 Tonnes and finally to 10 Tonnes. Please reach out to us and let us know how we can be of help to you.

Hire a Pickup Truck with a Driver.

In retrospect, your cargo may be smaller to require a whole Mitsubishi FH Truck or an Isuzu FRR truck for hire. In such cases, we recommend that you hire a small pickup truck, of course, with a driver and a helper. Whether it’s light building materials, office or home pieces of furniture, we can help you move them around at an affordable price. Therefore, next time you are in need to transport any type of luggage/ load/ cargo, please let us and we will be glad to help you.

Transport Truck for Hire.

Every day in Nairobi, both individuals and companies require transport trucks to move their goods from one point to the other. Bamm Tours, the leading transport company in Kenya, has helped hundreds, if not millions, to move around. Actually, our motto is to help both people and organisations move their goods safely, affordably, conveniently, and comfortably. Wherever you need to take your goods in Kenya and within East Africa, please talk to us today. we will get you the best canter truck for hire in Nairobi Kenya immediately.

How much to hire a Lorry? Canter truck for hire Nairobi price.

Isuzu FRR Lorry for hire KenyaThere goes not a day without customers asking us; How much does it cost to hire a Lorry? Well, the answer is relative since we have to know several things about your needs. For example, the type of load, its weight, the distance being moved, etc. We have designed a questionnaire form to help us respond to you within 20 Mins. Kindly provide us with your details here.

However, the price of hiring a canter truck in Nairobi ranges from KES7,000/- to KES18,000/- depending on the time, distance and load weight. The price includes the Lorry hire, driver, helper, and fuel within Nairobi Kenya.


Moving Lorry for hire in Kenya.

Lorries for hire in Nairobi KenyaOne of the major uses of a canter truck for hire in Nairobi is for moving. By moving we mean both home moving truck for hire and office moving rental trucks. Whatever you need to move from one point to another, Bamm Tours will help you to move safely, conveniently, and affordably.

We have helped thousands of Kenyans to move from Rural to urban and vice versa. Additionally, we have helped organisations move their furniture, stationeries, relief support goods, as well as team building materials. We can help you move too. So, don’t be stranded wondering who to trust with your possessions. Trust us and we will deliver.



Affordable Canter Truck Rentals in Nairobi.

Bamm Tours is the only transportation company that you can trust to give you the most affordable and the best canter truck rental services in Nairobi Kenya. We have partnered with only professional suppliers in cases when our trucks are unavailable.

What’s more, our truck drivers are professionals and you can trust them to deliver your goods without cases of loss along the way. Obviously, our cargo trucks are well-maintained and in good mechanical condition throughout the year.


Nairobi Canter Truck Logistics Solutions.

Your best transportation company stands out when looking for reliable truck logistics solutions. Your job is to tell us what to pick up, and where to take it, and we’ll handle the rest for you! In other words, it is our job to worry about how your cargo will be delivered to your doorstep. Challenge us today with your request. Let us know which type of canter truck for hire in Nairobi Kenya that you need today!


Canter Truck Leasing and Transport in Nairobi.

Often, organisations fall in need of long-term lorries for hire for specific projects. Over time, we have supplied them with the right solutions. I know you know that hiring lorries is cheaper than acquiring them in the long run. No matter which type of lorry you need, we will provide you with one.

For example, Dump Tipper trucks for hire, 18-wheeler container cargo trucks for hire, refrigerated trucks for hire, Mistubishi FH trucks for hire, Isuzu FRR trucks for hire, etc.

Refrigerated Trucks for Hire in Nairobi Kenya.

Sometimes, a need arises when you as an individual or a corporation need to transport perishable goods in a temperature-controlled truck. Bamm Tours has the right solutions for you since you can get refrigerated trucks for hire in Nairobi Kenya. Always reach out to us in case you need your goods to be transported in refrigerated vans and trucks.


Double Cabin for hire in Nairobi.

Toyota Hilux Double Cab for hire Nairobi KenyaBamm Tours is also the best car hire company to rent a Double cabin in Nairobi Kenya. Additionally, a Double cab is able to transport both small amount of goods and passengers, in one vehicle. As we have observed on our other articles, Double cabins are popular for young technicians, expatriates and engineers in Kenya.

You can rent a Double Cab from Nairobi to any other part of Kenya for longer use. In other words, we have monthly lease packages for most of our cars and lorries, as well. Please talk to us today.

10-tonne Truck for hire.

Of course, when you talk of a canter for hire in Nairobi, they come in different capacities such as a 5 tonnes, 8 tonnes and 10 tonne Lorry. By the way, a 10-tonne truck can either be an Isuzu or a Mitsubishi. Whichever the case, Bamm Tours will give you the best 10-tonne transportation trucks!


Monthly Car Rental in Nairobi.

Similarly, whenever you need a vehicle for long-term use, Bamm Tours is the best car hire company to get them from. Always reach out to us for more details and information.


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