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Are you looking for a new model of Isuzu FRR lorry for hire anywhere in Kenya? Well, look no further since you are at the right place for lorries for hire. Simply pick up your phone and hit our dials.

CALL/ SMS or Whatsapp Email us on 0712004003/ 0743142615/ 0754004003. Email us at Our team will be looking forward to serving you soon.


New Isuzu FRR Lorry For Hire in Nairobi Kenya.

Bamm Tours has a wide range of Isuzu FRR that are available for hire just for you. Of course, we have both old and new shape of not only Isuzu FRR but also Isuzu FSR for hire and Isuzu FTR for hire in Nairobi.
So, the next time you need to rent a lorry for the short term or to lease one for the long term, always get in touch with us. We will be happy to be of help.

Hire a Lorry in Nairobi Kenya.

Anytime you are looking forward to hiring a lorry for any need, always reach out to us. For example, if you are looking for a lorry for hire near you, whether within Nairobi, or to Nakuru, Mombasa, or Eldoret.

We are the right people to talk to. Similarly, we have several types of lorries for hire, not only Isuzu FRR lorries for hire in Kenya.

Transport Trucks for hire in Nairobi.

Normally, various reasons would make you need to hire a lorry. One of them is to move office materials at the time of relocation and dispose of old items of furniture among others.

Secondly, you may hire transport trucks such as the Isuzu FRR Lorry for hire to move your household items. This may happen when you are relocating or moving to a new house.

Thirdly, you may be involved in the transport business whereby you occasionally move items from Point A to Point B. Bamm Tours comes in handy since we have a wide link of lorries for hire in Kenya.

Nairobi Lorries for hire.

Lorries for hire in Nairobi Kenya

Generally, Bamm Tours is the right transport company to call for any type of Lorry for hire in Nairobi. Since we have various offices in Kenya, you can always rely on us to serve your needs in Nakuru, since we have lorries for hire in Nakuru, Lorries for hire in Eldoret, Lorries for hire in Mombasa, as well as, lorries for hire in Nanyuki.

Various reasons make someone require a Lorry for rent. For example, to transport office materials, home furniture, and perishable agricultural foodstuffs anywhere in Kenya. Bamm Tours is the right source for all the types of Lorries that you may require in Nairobi. Give us a call today.


Here are several types of lorries available for hire in Nairobi alongside the Isuzu FRR Lorry for hire in Nairobi Kenya.


1. Pickup Truck For Hire.

Pickup trucks for hire in Nairobi KenyaSometimes, the type of goods to be carried may not be as big as you would have assumed. Whenever such a scenario happens, we always recommend our customers consider hiring a pickup truck instead of the Isuzu FRR lorry for hire in Kenya.

In turn, this ends up saving on cost and our customers trust us even more. In other words, whether you need the 18-wheeler container trailer truck for hire, a Tipper truck or just a mere pick-up, we have the right vehicles for you!

2. Moving Truck for Hire in Nairobi Kenya.

Best Trucks hire in Nairobi Kenya HireOccasionally, a need arises to move either office items, Household, Agricultural or construction materials. Thus creating a need to rent the best moving truck available. Our wide range of moving trucks for hire ranges from the smallest pickup trucks to the biggest low-loader trucks.

Therefore, you can rest assured that with us, you will move all your goods in time. To us, it does not matter the type of goods you need to transport. In fact, we can get you an extra oversized truck for hire to move your extra-ordinary or abnormal bulky goods. Lastly, you can also move your perishable agricultural products with our refrigerated trucks for hire in Kenya.

3. Tipper Trucks for hire in Kenya.

Dump Truck Tipper for HireIn many instances, one of the main types of Lorries for hire, apart from the Isuzu FRR lorry for hire in Kenya, is the Tipper Truck. This type of lorry is also known as The Dump truck Lorry for hire in Nairobi Kenya.


The fact that this lorry can offload with minimal time makes it save time and finally money. Basically, you can hire a tipper truck to move construction materials for houses, roads, dams, etc.

4. Cargo Trailer Truck For Hire in Kenya.

Container-Trailer-truck-for-hire.Another common type of lorry for hire available from Bamm Tours is the common 18-wheeler truck. It is also known as the Cargo trailer truck for hire or Container Truck Lorry for hire.

You see, with Bamm Tours, we have all the options available just for you. As a matter of fact, you can also hire a Road Show truck from us. Indeed, you are spoilt for choice


5. Overland Trucks for hire in Kenya.

Another type of truck available for hire in Nairobi Kenya is an Overland Truck. However, this type of truck is not for transporting the materials, but rather, the passengers.

Our Overland trucks for rent come in different sizes. The smallest carries 17 passengers while the largest carries 38 passengers. Lastly, we have a 22 to 28-passenger overland trucks. Whenever you need any type of a lorry, always contact us.

Hire a Transport Vehicle.

As discussed above, various reasons would make you consider hiring a transport vehicle. So, whenever that need arises, you will need someone trustworthy to transport or move your goods. Bamm Tours ensures that we move your equipment safely, conveniently, and affordably. Therefore, when you are reaching out to us, please do not doubt in your mind that we will deliver your task, effectively and efficiently.


The Price of Hiring a Lorry in Kenya.

For us to answer this question, there are various factors to consider. For example, the type of lorry that you are looking forward to hire. Secondly, the type and quantity of goods that you intend to transport. The distance, as well. Therefore, we have designed a list of questionnaires for you to fill in so that we can get back to you with a comprehensive quotation.

However, the price of hiring a lorry in Nairobi ranges from KES15,000 per day within Nairobi. This price includes the Lorry hire, Driver and helper allowances and fuel within Nairobi.


Transporter for hire.

Conclusively, whenever you need any type of transport for hire, you can always rely on Bamm Tours. Our team of experts awaits your assignment. From our experienced drivers to our well-maintained lorries, to our affordable prices. You have no choice but to use our services. Welcome on board.




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