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If you are looking to transport any number of persons around the Nanyuki or Laikipia regions, then you are at the right place. Whether you found us online or were referred to us by a friend. Please get in touch with us now if you need a bus for hire in Nanyuki.

Call/SMS/ Whatsapp: 0712004003/ 0743142615/ 0754004003. info@bammtours.co.ke.

Coaster Bus for hire in Nanyuki, Kenya.

Tourist bus for rental NanyukiBamm Tours is the most recommended bus hire company to get a coaster bus for hire from. So, whenever you have a large number of people to ferry from one place to another, feel free to inquire from us.

Secondly, if you need to take people from Nairobi to Nanyuki, Nakuru to Nanyuki, Eldoret to Nanyuki, or Mombasa to Nanyuki, We can help you.

Our different office locations all over the country ensure that you get the same services even when outside Nairobi. Therefore, whichever place you need to visit, no matter the number of people, always inquire from us.

Basically, the Toyota Coaster is a very popular bus for hire in the entire country, of Kenya. Of course, different people refer to it differently. Some call it a Shuttle bus for hire. Others call it a tourist bus for hire or mini bus for hire while others prefer a coach bus for hire. Whichever term they prefer to use, we definitely know what they mean. It’s the Toyota Coaster bus or a Mitsubishi Rosa bus for hire.


Rosa Bus for Rental in Nanyuki.

Rosa Bus for hire in NanyukiObviously, there is little difference between a Coaster bus and a Rosa bus for hire in Nanyuki, or Kenya in general. The only difference there is the vehicle type. Rosa bus is a Mitsubishi, while the Coaster bus is a Toyota. Both have the same seating capacity. I always hear people asking, how many seaters does a Toyota Coaster or Rosa bus carry?

Normally, the bus is designed to carry 22 passengers. However, there are normally six additional seats on the aisle, popularly referred to as Jumper seats. Nowadays, NTSA has disregarded them and it is illegal to carry passengers on them, especially for the long-distance bus for hire travel.

We also have a local bus namely a 29-seater Isuzu NQR bus for hire in Nairobi. This bus has similar features to the Rosa bus. You can check it online here. It has reclining seats and is fitted with a functional Air conditioner. It is the first time a local manufacturing company has gotten a bus close to the imported one.

Nanyuki 22 seater buses for hire.

So, we’ve all agreed that Bamm Tours is the best bus hire company in Kenya. Not only do we have 25 seaters to serve people in Nanyuki, but also in Mombasa, Nairobi, Eldoret, and Nakuru. Since we have a partner office located right opposite the Cedar Mall, we are able to serve Laikipia residents perfectly well. So, whether you are looking for an 18-seater, 20-seater, 22, 25, or 28-seater bus for hire in Nanyuki, we will give you one.


Tourist Buses for rental in Nanyuki Laikipia County.

22 seater bus for hire NanyukiSimilarly, the Laikipia region is normally a tourist destination town. Therefore, from time to time, we always get requests from tourists who want to tour the region. Sometimes, the guests are either inbound or outbound tourists. Whichever the case, we serve all of them.

Consequently, we serve corporate organizations as well which opt to have their team building in the Nanyuki or Laikipia area. Last but not least, the families, friends, chamas, or church/ religious groups that would like to travel together. We ensure that they are well served with transportation needs. You can have a look at different types of clients whom we’ve served before here.

Of course, we have other types of tourist cars for hire such as the Land Cruiser van for hire in Nanyuki and, the Toyota Hiace tour van. We can also outsource an Overland truck from Nairobi just for you.


Car Rental in Nanyuki Kenya.

Nanyuki is a smaller town as compared to others such as Nairobi and Mombasa. And therefore, we only have chauffeured car hire services only. in other words, we have car hire with a driver in Nanyuki and not self-drive vehicles. However, we can organize long-term car hire needs for corporates. Whether they need salon cars, vans, double cab pickups, or buses.

By now, you should be aware that indeed we offer car hire with driver services across Kenya. For example a car hire with a driver in Nakuru, Eldoret, Mombasa, Kisumu and Finally, in Nanyuki.


Best Bus Hire Company in Kenya.

If you are looking for the best bus hire company in Kenya, then don’t go further than Bamm Tours. They are well organized. Their customer service is top-notch. The buses are clean, well-maintained, and new. What’s more, they have buses that accommodate all the passenger numbers. They range from 15-seater passenger vans, up to 51-seaters. Whether you are just a family that needs to travel together or an organization, they will get a nice bus for you!

Did I describe their drivers? Generally, most of the drivers are well-behaved, knowledgeable, patient, and very supportive. They handle the big buses quite well with keenness and utmost care. unlike the ones for general matatus that ply different routes throughout the country. Try them today.


Private Bus For Hire in Nanyuki Kenya.

You can hire the Rosa bus for various uses such as team building, burial or funeral attendance. Also, you can hire the bus for your own family vacations. Yes, you can make the bus your private car and travel in it for long distances. For instance, you can hire the bus privately from Nanyuki to Mombasa or Diani and back for your family holiday vacation.


Luxury Buses for hire in Nanyuki.

One of the best buses to hire whenever you need a luxurious means of travel is the Rosa bus. From its comfort and executive interior, it makes your guests travel in luxuriousness. Unlike other locally manufactured buses such as the Isuzu buses for hire, both the Toyota buses for hire and the Mitsubishi offer Luxury travel. Luckily, your best bus hire company in Kenya offers them. try us out today.



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